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Allen Reassured
Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. and key aidoo were reassured late last
week about what the Nixon atlministration intends to do about the
Model Cities program.
A telegram from the office of
George Romney, secretary of
Housing and Urban Developf
ment, and a call
to AJ'len from a
top White House
lii.iimif'f1N'J fears that the
city might have
to start from
near scratch in
providing a better life for the
45,000 residents
of the six neighAlex Coffin
borhoods SOUVh
and e ast of Atlanta Stadlirum.
"The effect," said Dan Sweat,
deput ch!ief administrator to
AlTen, lS That filfan a' s plan- inui.cation last week that the
ning and organizing has not $7.2 million in supplemental imbeen in vain. We h a v e not plemenllation funds , approved
last January, finally are close
wasted any time or effort."
at hand.
The telegram from Romney's
office does indicate, however, Probably the best news to city
that some slight changes will be officials in Romney's telegram
coming. Perhaps the most i.rrl- was clarification of the role of
portant is that the mayor 's of- state government. Al!len and his
fice wn,1 keep a more watchful sbalff had been concerned that
eye on the program and will Niiron might seek to interpose
need to exercise closer super- the state between the federal
vision, with the Model Cities government and the city in runExecutive B o a r d becoming ning the Model Cities prog1riam.
sowewhat more advisery in na- Not so, said the telegram, although greater involvement by
City officials also had clear the state is sought.
Another important change,
and this pleased city officials,
is the erasing of the boundaries
of the area to be covered. The
city earlier itself had established the 3,000 acres and generally is expected to stick to
that area-however, in certain
cases, the boundary need not be
a barrier.
The Romney telegram also
called for the establishment of
Constitution Slate News Ser vice
priorities, rather than trying to
CALLAWAY GARDENS, Ga:. , "attack every conceivable probKnott Rice of Atlanta, a 22-year- lem within these neighborhoods.
old Emory graduate student, This obviously would be unwas elected chairman of the workable" and result in cities
Georgia FedeTation of Young "dissipating their resources in
Republican Clubs at their an- a vain effort to solve all" probnual convention at Callaway lems.
Gardens Saturday.
Allen already is engaged in
He defeated H. Royce Hobbs close scrutiny of the proposals.
of Macon, 374 to 323.
Model Cities Director J. C. JohnRice was the incumbent young son, sources say, is working
Republican national committee- hard, with some success, in
man and a former president of making a good case for the projthe Emory YR club. Hobbs, 34, ects, most of which are interwas a candidate for mayor of related.
Macon in 1967 and the Georgia
Minor adjustmoots wrlJ hiave
General Assembly in 1968.
to be made in the program, city
The convention opened Satur- officials are saying, but they
day morning with the defeat of wi1ll be minor ones - such as
then-chairman Terry Moshier getting more private involvefor temporary chairman by Hor- ment.
ace Taylor of the Fulton Coun- But, generally it oan be rety delegation, 395-316. Moshier ported flhat C'i ty officials aren't
had backed Hobbs while Taylor glum at all about l!he Nixon administration's attitude toward
supported Rice.
Fulton County and College Model Citie.R
clubs throughout the state provided Rice with his heavy support. Hobbs got most of his
votes from metropolitan areas
outside Atlanta. The same patterns held for the lower offices.
Dick Jones, 32, of the Fulton
County club was chosen national
committeeman over Fred Neal
of Augusta. Betty Baker of the
Fulton County club won the post
of national committeewoman
over Sandra Ford of the metropolitan Atlanta club.
Jenny Bailey, Georgia College
in Milledgeville, defeated Nancy
Grider of Atlanta for vice chairwoman.
Incumbant secretary Caroline
Meadows of the Cobb County
club was re-elected by acclamation.
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tel a r
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