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Newsletter Supplies
Area Informal ion
M .C . Program
Involves Citizens
The Mechanicsville Messenger will be the official means
of gett i n g i n formation about
t he neighbo rhood t o t h e residents of Me chanicsville. It
will be publi shed b y the
Me chanicsvi l le Ne ighborhood
Coo rdi n a ting Pl a nning Commi ttee wor k ing with Har land
Bartho l omew a nd As s ocia t e s,
pl a n ning c onsulta n ts f or the
ne i ghbo r hood.
Mechanicsville is one of
si x neighborhoods which make
up the Atlanta Model Cities
Area . Although it is -sma ll in
size, it includes the mo st
peop l e of any o f the six
The success o f ne ighborhoo d i mprovement will depend
on t h e interest and suppor t
of the res i dents. This Newsletter will be. the best sou rce
of information concerning the
Mechanics v i lle parts of the
Model Citie s Program. It will
inform the people as to wh a t
is being done and will help
them in their efforts to take
par t . Eve ry issue should be
read carefully by every resident with an int erest in his
neighborhood. In this way,
the citi zens of Mechanicsvil le
may take a useful part i n the
improve me nt of the neighborhood.
The Committee plans to
mail the Messenger to residents
of Mechanicsville once each
month .
The Model Ci t ies Pr ogram
h a s one ma jor o b jective: to
fac e the ma ny differe nt kinds
o f problems o f urban living in
order to increase h uma n opport u nity and enjoyment.
The program is intended
t o rebuild the worn- ou t f&cilities. It is intended to increase the supply of hou sing
fo r l ow and mode rate income
f amilies .
It is intende d to
i n crease the earni ng p ower of
the people through training and
expanded job opportunities. It
is intended to provide the needed public facilities such as
parks, scho ols, s t reets and
u tilities.
In short, the program is intended to provide an
environment for good living related to the n e eds and desires
of the residents. To accomplish these goals requires
cooperative effort - of the
citizens, of the city of the
Model Cities staff, of the
·Atlanta Housing Authority and
of professional planners
assisting in the work.
�Consultant Action
Mr. Joe Ross represents
the planning consultant , Harland Bartholomew a nd Associates . His work wi th the
Committee will include :
A survey of possible 1970
acquisition areas
A relation of areas chosen
to the overall improvement
plan and preparation of
necessary maps and reports .
Other consultants , such as
economists , appraisers and
architects will also be used.
Agencies At VJork
Planning Committee
The urban rene wal progr am
in Me chanics vi lle involve s the
work o f several g r oups and i ndividual s.
The f irst is the Model
Cities Administr~tion wh i ch
operates as a separate part of
the city. Making use of a
planning consultant and working with the residents, the
Model Cities Program (MCP) prepares plans and submits them
to the Atlanta Housing Authority. The MCP al s o provi des a
means of hearing individua l
problems and recomme n dations .
Th e Atlanta Housing
Aut hority's rol e i s that of
action and assistance.
It is
th e AHA's res po ns i b ility to
carry o u t the p l ans. It als o
gi ve s assist ance in relocation
and o th e r problems .
The City of Atlanta is,
of cour s e , the final authority
The City pays one-third of th e
cost and provides other types
of services. Th e Planning Dep a r tmen t will insure that the
1 97 0 activities agre e with the
1983 Mode l Citi e s Pl a n.
The Neighborhood Coordinating Planning Committee is
mad e up of the heads of operating committees under the
Model Cities Program and the
Advisory Council. These are
r es idents and ·businessmen of
Mechanicsville. This committee is the di r ect contact with
the consultants and the Mode l
Cities staff. Any qu e stions
of residents shou ld be discussed with them. The commi t tee~ responsibil i t i es are :
1. To keep a ll r e s i dents info r med of e xisti ng and planned
ac t ivities .
2. To e n coura g e a ctive particip a ti o n in meetings and by
ques t ions and comments to make
this participation meaningful.
3 . To encourage every resident
to help in planning.
4. To furnish the means for
the residents to be heard in
all phases of the urban renewal
process. The committee will
provide ideas or proposals to ward the solution of existing
problems .
The Atlan ta Housing Auth o r ity ' s Office in Model Cities is
known as the Mod el Cities Neig h b orh ood Development Program
Area Office . This o f fice is r espon sib le for carrying out the
physi6al imp l emen t a ti on of the plan t hat the Model City
Planning Off ice has develop e d, i n c ooperation with the many
citi z en p a rti cip a t ion gro ups .
The Mo del Citie s Neighborhood De v elopment Program Area
Office has t,vo separ ate sec t ions . Th e first is charged with
the responsi bil ity of satis f actor i ly relocating the residents
and busine ss e s f rom t hose are as that a r e scheduled to be
cleared a nd redeveloped int o a t ruly model residential communi t y. The o ther sectio n is concerned wi th t h e remodeling
o f those strtic t ure s that ar e wi t h in t he designated rehabilitation areas . This i n clude s a n a ctual inspection of each
dwelling a n d t he prepar a t i on of a li s t of needed repairs.
many c as e s fin a n c ial assistan ce i s avai l a b l e through either
the Lo an or Grant Program. The Rehabilitat i o n Advisor follows
t he cons t ruction from beginn ing to end, i n s pec ting e ach step
to assure the h ome owne r o f r e c e iving compl ete value fo r his
doll a r i nveste d.
The Mo de l Cities Ne i g hbo r hood Development Project Office
is presently lo c ated in r oom 141 o f t he Martin Lu ther King
Memorial Hig h Ris e for the e lderly a t 53 0 McDanie l Str eet,
s.w . , one block o ff Ge o r gia Av e nue. The t e lepho n e n umbe r is
523 - 024 5 .
On J u ly 15th t h e o ffice will b e moving to its new and
permanent address, 683 Capitol Avenue, S.W. a t t h e corner of
Georgia and Ca p itol Avenue . Our n ew telepho ne n umber will b e
523 - 5851.
For f uture r e f ere nce, l is t e d b e low are the d epartme ntal
Superv is o rs.
W. R. Wilkes, Jr . Thomas Walker
Wa l t er W. Reid
R.C . Littlefield Miss Dorothy MoonC.V. Dickens
Pr o ject Di rec t o r
As s t . Proj ect Director
F amily Services Consultant Supervisor
Rehab i l i t ation Super visor
Secre tary
Financial Advisor
Mrs. Glover's primary interest is making
Mechanicsville a better place for family life.
Although she was born in &parta, Georgia , she
has lived in the Mechanicsville area since
She was a strong force in organizing
local support for the Community Center and is
active in its operation. Besides her work on
the Advisory Council , Mrs. Glover is chairman
of the Relocation Committee, serves on the Program Committee and sings in the choir at St.
Paul's AME Church. Mrs. Glover campaigned hard
MRS , GLOVER TALKS WITH for her election to the Council because she
knew she could do a good job for the committee,
she has been doing.
The Model Cities Program
dep e nds o n citiz e n participation.
Thi s action is three
The resident is re sponsi~
b le for taking an interest in
his n e ighborho9d. He can read
t h is Ne wsletter and others
following, and he can talk
wi th th e members of the Adv i s o r y Council f rom his block.
The se a re l isted on page four.
The Ne i g hborh ood Coordinating P l a nning Committee will
keep t h e resident i nformed.
It will d istribu te information
to the r e sid e n t; for e x ample,
thi s Ne wsle tte r.
The cons ulta nts provide
the technical servi ces needed
in working out a plan with the
The cons u l tant
will work with the Committee
and the Advisory Counci l a s
well as other groups. -

Renewal Activities
In the summer of 1968 the
Model Cities staff began meeting with citizens and the
Neighborhood Coordinating
Planning Committee from Mechanicsville. When the Model
Cities application -was funded
by the Federal Government it
inc luded three and a half
blocks in Mechanicsville for
acqui sition during 1969.
Two blocks bounded by Windsor, Fulton, Formwalt and
One block bounded by Richardson, Cooper, Crumley and
One half block o n the eas t
side of Formwalt between
Georgia and Glenn.
Planning for 1970 activities was begun in May 1969. On
June 23, the first meeting of
the committee was held with
t he planni ng consultant.
Reverend Thomas grew up in Jackson, Georgia
and later moved to Atlanta. He has lived
in Mechanicsville for the past 15 years.
Reverend Thomas is employed by the LockheedGeorgia Company in Marietta. His spare time
is divided among his family and his two
churches, the Sardis Baptist Church and the
Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Pike County.
In spite of this busy schedule, he finds
time to serve on the Advisory Council.
Reverend Thomas has shown himself to be
willing and anxious to work for the improvement of living conditions in Mechanicsville.
�r -.
Mechanicsville Neighborhood
Coordinating Planning Comm ittt;!e
Mrs . Alyce Nixon,
Vice Chairman
703 Cooper Street, SW
Rev . Simon Shuman
Miss Doris Thomas
Rev . B . J . Johnson
Mrs. Ann Childs
Mrs. Janie Lowe
Mrs. Bessie Aaron
Mr. William Gaston
Rev. W. L. Finch
Mrs. Emma Rose
Mrs. Ma ttie Compton
Rev . J . H. Grames
Rev . J.H . Loc k ett
Mrs. Beatri ce Goode n
Rev . L . C. Clack
Mr . Arth u r L . Hodges
Mrs . L . M. Thomps on
Mrs . Ernestine Hurley
Mrs . Bessie Ke lley
Mr s . Dorothy J e n k i ns
Mr s . Dor oth y La wrence
Mrs . Lu cy Hall
Re v . M. M. Thomas
Rev . T . R. Jones
Mrs . Ev a Glover
Mr s . Hattie Mos ley
Rev . L. M. Terr i ll
428 Hightower Road, NW
4 01 Rawson Street , SW
388 Glenn Street , SW
620 Ira Street, SW
623 Ira Street , SW
74 Whiteford Ave nue , NE
465 Pryor Street , SW
465 Pryor Str ee t , SW
563 Cooper Str eet , SW
56 7 Cooper Street, SW
740 Amber Place , NW
606 Pryor Street, SW
637 Pulliam Street , SW
5 91 Pulliam Street , SW
69 8 Crew Street , SW
2 23 Bass Str eet , SW
2 9 4 Bass Str e et, SW
70 9 Pryor Street , SW
25 2 Hendri x Str eet , SW
194 Hendri x S t ree t , SW
74 0 Centr al Stre e t , SW
931 Fo r t r e ss Stree t , SW
1437 Murry Street , SE
675 Ira Street, SW
374 Bass Street , SW
6 06 McDaniel Street , SW
5 24-2 36 8
5 22 -276 2
523-4 930
5 21-0244
755- 4862
52 4 -5160
5 23-7054
5 24 - 1 87 0
5 2 5 - 97 5 5
688 -8 821
5 24 - 0062
Mrs .
Mrs .
Mrs .
Mrs .
Mrs .
Bertha Barton
Carrie Berry
Rosa Burney
Dor o thy Finney
Eva Glov er
Annie Ruth Newton
Mechanicsvi ll e Messenger
1 700 Commerce Drive , N. W.
Suite 111
Atlanta , Georgia 30318
7 12
Bass Street , SW
Coope r Street , SW
Garibaldi Street , SW
Cooper Street , SW
Ira Str ee t , SW
We lls - Street, SW #1590
525 - 8 919
525 - 3903
521 - 2118
524 - 753 7
688 - 8821
577 - 5 0 4 4
3 . Be PAID
Atlanta, Georgia
Permit No . 1089

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