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U I}!} II !iJ If II It
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/j()/( I; 111 $
Mre Jack C• . Delius., Gener a l Hanager
Atlanta City Pa.rks
City Hall A..rmex
Atlanta ., Georgia
Theatre of the Stars Building in Chastain _P ark.
Dear Hr. Delius:
As you are a\·lare both the 11 Theatre Under The Stars 11 arid the
"Municipal Theatre" no longer In place of these. two theatres
is the newly ·chart ered and duly organized 11 Theatre of the Stars, Inc. 11 .,
which \·rill be the future sunmer and 1·linter. theatr0. The 1969 suniner
shows will be held in the new Civic Auditorium, and the opening show
will be on July 8, 19690
The n e~T 11 Theatre of the Stars" is presently
old l-hmicipal Theatre building in Chastain Parko
erected on Chastain Park property, under a le ase
years with the City of Atlanta , which expired on
Under the l ease agreement , it is renevrable 11 upon
conditions as the Mayor may desire".
operating out of the
Tlri.s building was
agreement of three (3)
September 15, 1967.
such t e r ms and
· In order to c onstruct this building, a. note for $32,500000 was
negotiated by the Municipal Theatre vtlth the Citizens and Southern
National Banko Presently there is an tu:lpaid balance of $17,500.00-no payments, due to the d efun ct condition of the Municipal Theatre,
have been made sin ce December, 1968. I am presently discussing this
indebted....'1 oss ,,, it h the C. & s. Bank and w:i.J.l n.lso discuss 1t with
the Board of Truste es of t he The a tre of the Stars at their May ffiee ting.
Unless we can m..!'.l.intain the u sage of this b uilding it will be
i mpos sibl e to pres ent th e 1969 summer shows. Will you therefor e
discus s this w:i. th the proper city authorities and secure a l
ex t ension? Thank you for your assistance.
Yours v ery truly,
~~ ·/' .
I . - ~ /_
cc:: Jortri ~h:.11 Jr., F-res

. -

- - . /

Rolancl Ba And ·rt o11 ,
General l-2.na3cr

!.- :_/ r·
··. /

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