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(Street Division)
Total Cos t
Pittsburgh Street Resurfa cing
Complete resurfacing of Mayland Ave . Stewart to Hobson; Mayland Cir. - University to Mayland Ave.; Hope St. Stewart to Hobson; Hobson St. - Fletcher
to Mayland
Grant Park Street Resurfacing
Complete resurfacing of Park Ave. - Berne
St. to Glenwood Ave.; Sydney St., - Hill St.
to Park Ave.; Augusta Ave. - Hi l l St. to
Cherokee Ave.; Pavilion St. - Cherokee Ave.
to Oakla nd Ave.; Berne St. - Bou levard to
Park Ave .; Waldo St . - E. Confederate to
Glenwood; Rosalia St. - Boulevard to Park
Ave.; Gress Ave. - Home Ave. to Mead St.;
Marion Ave . - Home Ave. to Ormwood .
Adair Park Stre et Re s urfaci n g
Complete r e surfa cing o f Tift Ave. Pearce
S t. t o She l t on Av e.; Bonnie Brae Ave. Allene t o Tif t St. ; El bert St . - Brookline to Allene Ave .
10 , 0 00
Mechanicsville-Pe o p le s t own/
Summerhill Street Resurfacing
Comp l ete re sur facing o f streets to be
determined a ft er l a nd us e plan is f i n alized.
Greenfield-Ormon d t o Van ira, Martin-Ormond
to Atlanta.
�Public Works Department
(Street Division)
Page 2
Sidewalk Construction
In Peoplestown, add sidewalks to one side
of Capitol-Milton to University; in Pittsburgh, add sidewalks to: one side of Hobson
Arthur to Rockwell-N. side of UniversityMayland to ~ cDaniel; in Grant Park, add
sidewalks to Grant St. - Grant. Cir,. to
Atlanta Ave.; additional sidewalk construction
as needed according to final land use plan.
Extend Fulton St. West from
Windsor to Glenn
Completion of extension of Fulton St. west fro
Windsor to Glenn
$40,000 \
The above amounts have been appropriated in our 1969 Budget.
The n e cess a r y staff a nd equipment within t he depa rtment to ~omplete this work during the 19 69
f i s cal year are ava ilable.

No te:

Of this amount, $ 300,000 is c omi n g from the s tate and $15 0 , 000 is coming from the Ci t y.

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