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(Street Division)



Total Cost

Pittsburgh Street Resurfacing

Grant Park Street Resurfacing

Adair Park Street Resurfacing

Summerhill Street Resurfacing

Complete resurfacing of Mayland Ave. -
Stewart to Hobson; Mayland Cir. - Uni-
versity to Mayland Ave.; Hope St. -
Stewart to Hobson; Hobson St. - Fletcher
to Mayland

Complete resurfacing of Park Ave. - Berne
St. to Glenwood Ave.; Sydney St., - Hill St.
to Park Ave.; Augusta Ave. - Hill St. to
Cherokee Ave.; Pavilion St. - Cherokee Ave.
to Oakland Ave.; Berne St. - Boulevard to
Park Ave.; Waldo St. - E. Confederate to

Glenwood; Rosalia St. - Boulevard to Park
Ave.; Gress Ave. - Home Ave. to Mead St.;
Marion Ave. -—- Home Ave. to Ormwood.

Complete resurfacing of Tift Ave. Pearce
St. to Shelton Ave.; Bonnie Brae Ave. -
Allene to Tift St.; Elbert St. - Brook-
line to Allene Ave.

Complete resurfacing of streets to be
determined after land use plan is finalized.
Greenfield-Ormond to Vanira, Martin-Ormond
to Atlanta.

$ 8,000



22,000 /


Public Works Department
(Street Division)
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Sidewalk Construction

Extend Fulton St. West from
Windsor to Glenn

In Peoplestown, add sidewalks to one side $40,000,
of Capitol-Milton to University; in Pitts-

burgh, add sidewalks to: one side of Hobson

Arthur to Rockwell-N. side of University-

Mayland to McDaniel; in Grant Park, add

sidewalks to Grant St. - Grant Cir. to

Atlanta Ave.; additional sidewalk construction

as needed according to final land use plan.


Completion of extension of Fulton St. west from 450, 000* )
Windsor to Glenn ae

1. The above amounts have been appropriated in our 1969 Budget.

2. The necessary staff and equipment within the department to complete this work during the 1969

fiscal year are available.

*Note: Of this amount, $300,000 is coming from the state and $150,000 is coming from the City.

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