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Sanitation Services

Sewer System Study

NDP Clearance Area Sewers and
NDP Rehabilitation Area

Addition of four crews, one front-end $171,000 +
loader, one weed cutter, one garbage truck

and one open body truck and increase starting

salaries for waste collectors to $82.00 per


Make application for federal grant from 459 ,000*
Department of Housing and Urban Development
for report on combined sewer system pro-
blem. Make available staff and equipment
necessary to complete report of feasible
remedy for this problem.

Reconstruct 1,620 feet of substandard sewer { 221,000
lines in the NDP clearance area and rehabili- Rete G00 :

tation area.

* Of this total amount $219,000 is to be in city funds with the
remaining $240,000 to come from a federal grant from the Depart-
ment of Housing and Urban Development.

The above amounts have been appropriated in our 1969 Budget.

The necessary staff and equipment are available within the department to complete this work during

the 1969 fiscal year.

The application necessary for the grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development will
be completed and all related work performed by our staff.

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