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Atla nta , Georg ia
January 27, 1969
Traffi c E ng i n ee r
Mr. Johnny C. Johnson, Director
Model Cities Program
673 Capitol Avenue, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30315
Dear Mr. Johnson:
In answer to your memorandum of January 16, 1969, and confirming our conversation with you regarding the projects listed in the Atlanta Model Cities Program
Application to HUD for the year 1969, we have the following report.
nue · primarily to a 2.172 per cent rate increase on street lighting services
which was effective as of December 1968 and which was not anticipated in September
of 1968 when our budget request was prepared, there are no funds in our 1969
appropriation accounts to cover your proposed upgrading of street lighting in
the Model Cities Area. A sum of $21,000 will be required to cover the cost of
the leased street lighting that is proposed in your program. We whole heartedly
agree that the street light upgrading program which you propose is necessary as
we ll as desirable and we agree that it is ·· particularly desirable that this wor k
be completed dur i ng the year .1969.
Our a s s i s t ant traffic engineer who handles street lighting will be able to
do the neces s ary pl anning and engineering work required to prepare the r eso l utions
for cons ider a tion by the Mayor and Boa rd of Aldermen during the time per i od th a t
you set forth . We would anticipate complet i-ng our por tion of th i s work with i n
three t o f ive month s . Each uni t of the wor k would be passed on to the Geor gia
Power Company as soon a s it was completed by us and app r oved by the Board of
Aldermen. This would permit the Geor gia Powe r Company t o c omp let e their
engineering and installation work at t he ear l ie st poss i ble date . The Georgia
Power Company will comp l et e their wor k on proj ects of thi s t ype ten t o fifteen
weeks after receiving authorization by the Mayor and Board o f Aldermen.
With the positive knowledge that the money wil l be avai l able to finance this
project, we could have the first groups o f street lights ready for consideration
by the Board of Aldermen at the February 3, 1969, meeting and have a similar
group ready at each subsequent meeting, thereby completing our part of this work
by May or June of 1969. The Georgia Power Company will then have the months of
July, August and September and possibly October in which to complete the projects
that were still in their hands when we complete our part of the work in May or
Mr. Johnny C. Johnson
January 27, 1969
If the sum of $21,000 is made available to us during the month of February,
we see no reason why the street light upgrading projects should not be completed
as requested during the calendar year 1969. If you desire additional information,
we will be glad to try to supply it promptly.
Karl A. Bevins
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mr. R. Earl Landers
Mr. Charlie Davis

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