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April 28 , 1969
lVlr . Louis M. Smith
Executive Secretary
West Central Coordinating Council
2804 Yates Drive, N. w.
Atlanta, Georg~a 30318
Dear Mr. Sfi1itha
Mayor Ivan .Allen, Jr. has forwarded to me your letter o f
April 18, 1969 and the ttached petition requesting a
play lot for the A..
• Williams School/Bowen Homes rea.
I am irrmediately Mr. Joe Gentry, of our P arks Engineering
Div1sion, and ~ir . Marvin Billups, Recreation Sup rvisor
for your area of the City, to contact you personally and
discuss in depth the location, deign,
ui mon~, etc . of
playlot .
After ev ral ye rs the City has fin lly secured titl to
p rk ite adj o nt to th Bowen Homes, which i pr
known a the Field oad
rk Sit . Th nam will p robably
be ch nged in th v ry ne r futur but in ny ov nt
asking, by copy of this lett r , for i r. A. P ~ Brindl y ,
P rk
ngin r, to writ you a compl t de cription on th
siz, propo d improvem nts, tim sch dule, etc. of thi
p rk f . cility .
It i
our pl
ure h
ring f~om you and I am
c . liu
G ner 1 Mn g r of
J ck
P rk
er atton
yor iv n All n, Jr. ~
P irk
c::caw/~ ox,
mn1 Mim , set. Dir.- of
Mr. Jo G ntry, P k
ngin ring
Mr. A. P. · rin l .-Y, P rk
ngin r
Mr .. M rvin illup, R or tio
u rvi

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