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HUD-No. 69-0514 10:00 a.m., Thursday
Phone (202) 755-6980 June 26, 1969


Secretary George Romney of the U.S. Department of
Housing and Urban Development today announced the tender
of a $1,225,000 Model Cities contract to Trinidad, Colorado.

Trinidad will also be given substantial support from
other programs administered by HUD, and by the Department of
Health, Education and Welfare, the Department of Labor and
the Office of Economic Opportunity.

Today's action by Secretary Romney will enable Trinidad
to begin the first year action phase of its comprehensive
five-year Model Cities program. County, local and private
resources will aiso be used by the city in its concentrated,
coordinated attack on the serious social, physical and
economic problems within the Model Cities area.

Secretary Romney, who is Chairman of the President's
Cabinet Committee on Voluntary Action, noted the extensive
private and public involvement in the Trinidad program.

Civic, business, educational, welfare, medical and pro-
fessional groups were involved in the planning process, and
will also participate in the first year action phase.

Officials of several organizations active in the Trinidad
program include the President of the Chamber of Commerce, the
Superintendent of the Nursing Home and the President of Trini-
dad State Junior College. Among the private groups involved
are the Southern Colorado Railroads Association which will
donate a building to house a Juvenile Youth Offenses Center
and the Historical Society which will restore a store facade as
a demonstration of historic preservation.

HUD-No. 69-0514

Commenting on the decision to tender a contract,
Secretary Romney explained that this was done after a careful
review of the Trinidad comprehensive plan. The plan was thor-
oughly studied and analyzed both by the Regional and Washington
Interagency Review Committees representing those Federal Depart-
ments and Agencies with urban aid programs.

"During the past several months, Trinidad has done an ex-
cellent job in revising its proposals and improving its capability
to operate its first year action program," he said.

A total of 150 communities in 45 States, the District of
Columbia and Puerto Rico are participating in the Model Cities
Program. The first applications for planning grants were
approved in November 1967.

For further information: James E. Griffin
CDA Director
City Hall
Trinidad, Colorado 81802

Dr. James E. Donnelly
Mayor, City of Trinidad
City Hall

Trinidad, Colorado 81082

NOTE: A summary of the Trinidad Model Cities Program is
available upon the Office of Public
Affairs, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development, Washington, D. C. 20410

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