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ยป MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Menlo, Ga.30731- 404 862-2302

March 5, 1969

Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr.
Office of the Mayor
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Sweat:

Please pardon the delay in replying to your letter of February 25, which was
due to my absence from the office.

In answer to your questions:

1, A 'minimum'' of about 3500 ft. to start, which would accomodate
about 45/50 people. Except for an area approximately 4' x 6', the load would
be very light. A truck loading dock, and access would be required.

2. Relatively small quantities of 220V, 3 ph.,60 cy. power. Approx.
25 H.P. to start.

3. No rall access necessary, truck only.

4, Some probably, depending on public transportation available to
site selected.

5. Operations one shift only usually, but two shifts feasible, Shift
perlods not Important to operations.

6. Average earnings based on production piece rates should be 1,90
to 2.25 per hour. 1.60 minimum,

7. Concentrated training about three months. Nine to twelve months
usually required for a trainee to reach full potential.

8. Industrial power sewing machines - Singer class 262-2, or similar.

| have just noticed that somehow a couple of paragraphs were omitted fromny letter
to Mayor Allen,

There would be a requirement for a SBA, or similar, loan, (But, there would be
absolutely no question of its security.)


Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr. March 5, 1969
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| had visualized an all-negro operation but this is, of course, not an essential
requirement from my standpoint. Based on actions | took several years ago,
there is available a Negro plant manager, and Negro qualified sewing teachers
and supervisors.

| actually did not plan a branch plant as such but rather the establishment
of a successful Negro owned and operated business, with my help and some form
of outside financing.

Any financial gain to me would accrue indirectly from this company's efforts
in marketing the product. This is of course a major factor in the assured
financial success of the operation.

| would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Yours very truly,

Roy W. Mann

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