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415 West Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, Calif. 90019
(213) 937-3540

August 4-3, 1909

One of the most gratifying exveriences in developing this
program has been to discover the great variety of people who find
common purpose in contributing to the disadvantaged youth of a city.

This kind of cooperation has made it possible for DIRECTION
SPORTS to achieve, in a short period of time, a "substantial
improvement" (see psychometric studies results included in brochure)
in the learning skill development of youngsters living in those
areas of Los Angeles with the highest percentage of school "drop-outs".

In response to the national interest in DIRECTION SPORTS, we are
planning a five-day Seminar so that other cities can become familiar
with our format and materials, and so that the excitement of a nation-
wide program benefitting disadvantaged underachievers can become a

We will bring together the talents and resources of the many
individuals and groups who have contributed to the ongoing DIRECTION
SPORTS program in order to make our Seminar workshops as instructive
and comorehensive as possible. Our purpose is to offer participants
materials and support for initial pilot programs based on the
DIRECTION SPORTS format and adaptable to their respective cities.

Seminar workshops will include the following:

1) Special pre-tested "chalk talks" (see sample in
brochure) designed to carry fifth and sixth grade
students in a DIRECTION SPORTS program throughout
the 1969-1970 school year. These materials are .
develoved by Fred Niedemeyer, Ph.D. of the Inglewood,
Califormia Southwest Regional Laboratory (funded in
part by the Bureau of Research of the U.S. Office of
Education) and by Robert Filep, Ph.D. from the
national Institute for Educational Development.

Evaluative and testing procedures developed by
Stephen Klein, Ph.D. and members of his staff from
the UCLA Research and Development Center, using a
national grading program from Educational Testing
Service, Inc. 3

Promotion and publicity resources, includins:









a) Bruce Johnson, Vice President and West Coast
Manager of iletro Radio Sales, has pledged ongoing
media support of all DIRECTION SPORTS programs
through the auspices of all Metro Media stations
and affiliates throughout the United States.

b) Howard Miller, Western Director of the USO, will
provide a format for developing local advisory
board and fund-raising task forces.

c) Community service film strips designed both for
radio and for television and produced by local
studios in conjunction with the Motion Picture
Producers Association will be available. These
films include presentations by nationally known
personalities, including such stars as Greg Morris
of Mission Impossible.

Organizational structure and joo descriptions for a
Six-team DIRECTION SPORTS pilot program, presented
by Booz, Allen, and Hamilton, Inc., management

Personnel testing and screening forms developed by
Robert A. Jones, Director, Testing PRrRSs University
of Southern California.

Daily sports activity lesson plans, prepared by coaches
Walt Thurmond (Cal State L.A. , John McKay (USC),
John Wooden (UCLA), and others. us

Group discussion techniques, presented by a staff of
psychologists, including Victor Coppin, M.A. of the

Legal aspects of organizational structure, presented
by Gerald Kleinman, partner in the law firm of

Loeb and Loeb. (Any and all new DIRECTION SPORTS
programs can receive non-prorit status, based on the
fact that DIRECTION SPORTS, Inc. is a federally
chartered non-profit corporation.) es
Use of park and recreation facilities, discussed by
Joseph Lewis of the City of Los Angeles Department of
Parks and Recreation.

Association with city school systems, discussed by
Sam Hammerman, Director of the Office of Urban Affairs,
Los Angeles City Schools.

The submission of the names of all new members so
that the DIRECTION SPORTS jacket can be sent.


ee ee Se a ae

A formal agenda will be included in the final invitation.
Also, the national television shows being booked will be outlined.
Please call or write should you have any questions. Looking
forward to meeting your representative and coming to your

city in the future, I remain,

ae ao
? Coes aN

rane N. Brown

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