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MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Menlo,Ga.30731 · 404 B62·2302
January 24, 1969
The Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr.
Office of the Mayor
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
Knowing of your extreme interest in things good for Atlanta, I am submitting
an Idea for your consideration.
If the proposition seems to you that i t has possible merit, I would be happy
f or you to suggest a time for me to come to your office and discuss the matter
In detail.
Please understand fully that I do not approach you pos ing as a philanthropi st.
Profes sional and financial advantages to me personally are also involved .
My idea i s, over-s imp lifi ed, that if money for training purposes is avai l ab l e
from the "Model Cities" or 11 Economic Opportunity" programs in Atlanta , I can
provide 200 to 500 permanent jobs, mostly for women, sewing cotton work g loves .
Further, the operation could be located wherever desirable from your over-all
planning standpoint and, over a period of time, would be completely selfli qu ida ting fi nancially .
Your investigation would verify that I s tarted this business from scratch in
1951 and we are at present a factor in our industry, nationally , giving steady
job s to over 500 people.
If you want ed to get more information on the telephone, I can be reached at
t hi s office or at home during t he evening, Rome 234-5064.
I would appreciate an Indication of your possible interest at your convenience.


Roy W. Mann
, "{

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