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Box 15, Folder 4, Document 16

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Febrwuty 19, 1969
Mr . Marvin A . Andl'ews
A sistant to the Manager
City of Phoenix
Pho nix, Arbona
De _f Marv :
I had remembered to a.ak fo;r copies 0£ the Model Cities doc ument
upon my J;etu1rn and was glad t o get your letter.
W a_re. in th proc
o.£ I' printing and won't have additional copi e
for a few mor weeks . However, I hav
nelosed Mayol' All n ' s
copy o1 Volume 1 nd my copy of Volume II along with a copy of th
"Ma.nag m nt Information and Control Sy tem" document for your
I would
k that you hold on to thes
a·n d I wU1 yell U I ne d th m
l njoyed the opportunity to b
1th you !n Boston and hop& th t
I h v th - privil g of meeting you g in in th futur •
Sine l'ely
D n
E.ncl.oeur •
sw - t

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