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October 15, 1968
Mr . Sam St n
Metropolitan Area Dh'ectoiGeorgia St te Employment Service
Georgia Department of Labor
State Labor Building
Atlanta. Georgia
Dear Mr . Steen:
Th City of Atlanta has mad
great deal of progr se, in the area of
ma.npow r development and training in identU'ying and c:t'eatlng n w
employm nt opportuniti s for the citizens of our city.
Much of the er dlt for the manpowel' progres in Atl nta must go to
Don Bryant. Georgia St t Employment Service 1s M power Repres ntatlv
fo~ th Atl nt Ar . Mr . Bty nt •s coordlna.tion of GSES manpower pro•
gr ms with Economic Opportunity Atl nta from th inception of th
community ction gency wa
k y factor tn th orderly rowth ot
thes programs ove:t- the p st
ve:ral years . Lat ly,
Concentrat d
Employment Progr m . a
11 a vadou oth r outr ch programs which
Mr. Bryant ha coordinat d h v m de igniflcant contribution to Atlanta's
t"owth. H ha
leo b n valuable a et in s istlng th City in
d velopm.ent of
ucco! ful Mod l Citi
implement tion document,
Thi i just to off r my c:ongr tulation• to Mr. Bryant
d £or hi
contrlbut;lons nd to the Oeorgla Stat Employm nt 5 Yvie £or making
v il bl in a meanin ful w y to il!l the City ot A Uant .
Sincerely you,s,
D n Swat

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