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Bece1nber 26,
ATLANTA, GA. 30303
Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404 .
R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive Sec retary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Go•1crnmental Liaison
Mr. Tom R. May
Lockheed-Georgia Company
Marietta, Georgia
Dear Tom:
The City of Atlanta today was announced as America 1 s second city
to receive a grant for execution of its Model Cities Program in 196 9.
There are so many reasons why our city was able to submit and
receive approval of its program ahead of the other major cities -- the
support and concern of the residents of the area, the cooperation of
public and private agencies in preparing the planning document, the
help of the federal agencies and the cooperation and backing of the
Board of Aldermen.
Another significant and important reason for our success was the
direct assistance we received from you and the Lockheed-Georgia
We have heard much talk about the involvement of private industry in
the resolution of our urban problems.
We have also heard expressed
the need to provide for the transference of the technologies of modern
private industry to our urban governments in order that these problems
can be met.
The involvement of Lockheed-Georgia in the planning and d evelopment
of Atlanta 1 s ·Model Cities Planning document does - both.
Without the
expert professional and technical capability and the logistical support
of Lockheed-Georgia, I think I can safely say that the city could not
and would not have been able to complete and submit its planning grant
request b e fore well into 1969.
Particular thanks are due not only for the most cooperative manner in
which the assistance was offered, but also for the personal abilities
and interes t of the staff members p r ovided.
Page Two
December 26, 1968
Mr. Tom May
Mr. Hugh Gordon and Mr. Oz Adams recognized and understood
the value to the city of Lockheed's participation.
Mr. Richard D. Henderson and Mr. Sheldon R. Dickstein were
particularly effective in . scheduling and coordinating the overall Model
Cities staff effort and providing, through their own technical proficiency,_ . a direction and organization which substantially contributed
to the completeness and quality of the planning document and the ·
timeliness with which it was completed.
Many other fine L9ckheed citizens .contributed 1n the preparation of
graphics and printing of the final document.
And, of course, your support and encoura&ement of everyone who had
a hand in this effort was essential to its final high achievement.
Again, my personal thanks to you and the Lockheed-Georgia Company
for demonstrating the civic-minded attitude and sense of overall
community responsibility which has long been associated your
fine company.
Iv an Allen,

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