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I. Observations which may be of assistance,
1. The overall residential densities have been neasured “wsteluciag
cassie Sh development slightly above average for the density range . ene
indicated, i.e., if range is 5 - 10, the 8 unit per acre
has been used. This plan can be expected to accommodate ~
~ the existing resident population. There have been some ~
_minor adjustments that will ee the situation. However,
care must be taken not to arbitrarily pee the present
proposed density ranges unless compensations are made in
other locations. This means no single family areas should
be inserted where high density is now proposed unless densities
are increased in another location. An alternative to this is
to abandon the no-displacement goal. -

2. Some deficiencies still exist in park areas and to overcome
this and provide space, obviously densities will have to be
increased somewhere also.


1. In the area bounded by the Expressway, Bass Street, Formwvalt,
Dodd and Pryor Streets, the plan proposes high density and
mixed commercial in the next five years; however, redevelopment
is not proposed until after 1974 and the present use is mostly
single family and vacant. It ‘will be difficult to accomplish

the proposed land use in the proposed time period without a

program of treatment.
2. In the area bounded by the South and Hest Expressway, Bass
~ -~ and -Formyvalt Streets, the plan proposes large areas of
commercial and high density residential; however, no treat-
ment is called for prior to 1974 and the present see is now
equally divided between vacant, commercial and single family
2 ~~ Ce .. SURERAILL
1. Between the Expressway and Fulton - Glenwood Streets, the plan
calls for high density residential; however, the treatment
“~plan only calls for activity after 1974 and the present use
.._is mostly vacant, duplexes and single family residences.
This area also extends into the Grant Park neighborhood.
Obviously some development of this type will occur,
but not enough to achieve the expected population density.


1. It is recommended that the frontage along the west side of

Washington between Atlanta and Ridge Streets be devoted
exclusively to high density residential which is in accord
_...with the present uses there.

2. In the block between Washington and Crew Streets from Weyman
to Little Streets, high density residential is called for;
however, the treatment plan calls for action after 1974 and
present use is primarily single family with some apartments
making it medium density overall.

1. To compensate for the two proposed block parks redesignated for
_ wélioatl purposes, the recreation planners propose that one-half
of the block bounded by Ormond, Grant, Atlanta and Hill Street
be madea block park. The majority of ee in this

block are substandard and slated for clearance in the period 1971-73.


The block bounded by Hill Street, South Avenue, Primrose and

‘Little Streets is proposed for cormercial use. There appears

to be come doubt that the topo of this block is suitable for

‘any kind of unified commercial development.

’ In the blocks bounded by Grant, Sydney, Orleans Streets and

Cherokee Avenue, high density residential is proposed. How-
ever, present use is perdominately single family and the proposed
treatment is rehabilitation in the period 1971-1973.

In the area between the Expressway, Grant, Sydney Streets and
Park Avenue, the proposed use is high density eptaunetet..

This area is for rehabilitation in 1970 and the present use

is primarily single family. To achieve the indicated high
density, a significant nuutier of high rise units must be

The area just west of Grant Park Elementary School is proposed
for high density residential. However, no redevelopment is
proposed prior to 1974 and the present use is mostly single

family or vacant.

II. Errors of Fact



The plan calls for a government center use in the triangle
between the railroad, the Expressway and the Pryor Street
School. Since most program administration is to be accomplished
at two other locations, there appears to be no justification for

this center area. It is recommended that this particular

area be used for medium density residential,


1. The Boys' Club is located in the block bounded by Killian,

Marion, Burn and Eloise Streets. In the Model Cities plan

~-~—-this~has been indicated as single family use which is a

mistake and should be changed.

2. The recreation planners have indicated that the area south

; of Jerome Jones School designated for park purposes should

be changed to school use,

3. The industrial.use existing at the corner of Souievart: at

_the railroad has been_omitted and single family residential
use substituted, This should be changed to industrial use,

&. On the east side of Hill Avenue between Grady and the railroad
medium density residential is indicated.’ This is presently
good single family residential abe at low density and no
clearance has been proposed. This area should be indicated
as low density residential.

5. die xeccesttion planners have indicated that the block park to
the east of Slaton School should be used instead for school
expansion purposes.

6. The block of the proposed educational park buandad by Hill,
Primrose Streets, Georgia Avenue and Cherokee Place is in
reality intended for another use, that of some sort of
private welfare type activity, either profit be nouHpEUeLe,

and should be indicated as such and not as an educational






Ls. An expansion of the small corinaee a area at the southeast
corner of Atlanta and Capitol is proposed for expansion north
and west. The condition of the major structures in the
northwest portion is fairly good and there is no program
of treatment slated prior to 1974. This would indicate
that such a change in sie is not indicated nor does there
appear to be a need for additional commercial use when there

are other commercial areas nearby.

Conflicts With Adopted Plans and Policies



1. This item concerns the park proposed in the blocks bounded by
Georgia, Capitol, Little and Crew Streets. The entire
Summerhill area needs two twelve acre or more neighborhood parks.

The recreational facility proposed at Hoke Smith is
not a neighborhood type development and will not serve the
neighborhood needs north of Georgia Avenue. This facility
south of Georgia Avenue is proposed to be a "central park"

type facility and, therefore, would not seem to meet the
neighborhood recreational needs of the area south of Georgia

The northern block of the park is obviously more suit-
able for commercial development in conjunction with the
other blocks along Georgia Avenue immediately adjacent
to the stadium, ‘The other two blocks contain a number of
substantial standard apartment buildings whose removal would

be expensive and undesirable.


The main justification that appears for this site
is its proximity to the Capitol Avenue Selsers however,
the long range future of this school is questionable in
terms of its site and its location relative to the existing
and proposed population to be served.

A better park location would be next to the proposed
K,1-3 school mentioned earlier especially if the Capitol .
Avenue School could also be relocated to this site. The
area adjacent to the new school site is proposed for clearance
in‘the period - 1971-1973 - while no treatment is proposed
for the park site adjacent to the present school until after
the 1974 time period with the exception of the block immediately
adjacent to Georgia Avenue. .
The plan calls for a school site in the two blocks bounded
by Martin, Little, Ami and Kenneth Streets. The school planners
reveal this is only to be a K, 1-3 school requiring only
three acres at maximum; therefore, without further justification,
for example, a new grammar schoo] to replace Capitol Avenue,
this site appears to be excessively large.
In considering the land use aspects of the Hoke Smith Educa~
tional Park, it is our understanding that the Parks Department
is highly reluctant to buy and develop any large recreational
facilities directly abutting a high school as fe feels the
facility will be monopolized by the school to the detriment
of the rest of the community.

The School Board, on the other hand, believes that the
Parks Department should acquire the portions of the educational

park allocated for recreational use.

The resolution of this problem is not in the province
_......0of the land use planners; however, the graphic expression
of proposed land use should show a solution that either
indicates all educational facility reduced in size to what
the School Board would acquire or a recreation use area
that is situated to the satisfaction of the Parks Department.
One glimmer of hope is that the school planners used
$80,000 per acre as an acquisition cost; however, the land
is slated for clearance in 1970 and hopefully the land
-_..could_be sold to the School Board at cleared land prices Ee
of about $20,000 - $30,000 an acre. .
1. Neither the recreation planners nor the city wide Land Use |
Plan and Parks Plan call for a block park to be located at
the end of Linam Street just south of Vanira Avenue.
1. In this area, there appears to be only one major comment
to be made, This is that in comparison with the city wide
Land Use Plan which proposes a uniform medium density
throughout the nctekbortinad, the Model Cities proposal
indicates two high density at the northwest,
- the other at the southeast. The high density area at the
southeast can ise adequately served by the euberdng Pittman
Park; however, the high density area to the northwest will
provide a large concentration of people who will not be

conveniently served by an adequate recreation facility.


1. All plans call for a community facility to be located in
the block just east of Dunbar School, and it is my under~
Standing that social programs are expected to be administered
from here; however, the Land Use Plan does not indicate a
space for this facility. |
2. Since one block of land that was to be used for park
purposes in our city wide Land Use Plan has been prexanpead
by the school] board for a second school in the area accord=
ing to the Model Cities Land Use Plan, it will be necessary __
to add the block now occupied by the Atlanta Transit System

to the park proposed in the Model Cities plan in order to

get adequate space to serve this large population concentration.
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