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Tuesday, December 16, 1969
10:00 a.m.

The monthly meeting of the Model Cities Executive Board was held
on Tuesday, December 16, 1969 at 10:00 a.m. in Committee Room #2,
City Hall. The following members were present:

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Chairman
Representative John Hood

Mr. Clarence Coleman

‘Alderman E. Gregory Griggs
Alderman G. Everett Millican
Mr. J. D. Newberry

Dr. C. Miles Smith

Mr. Joe Whitley


Mrs. Mattie Ansley
Commissioner Sam Caldwell
Deacon Lewis Peters

Mr. Bill Wainwright

Mrs. Martha Weems
Commissioner Walter Mitchell

Other City officials, representatives from neighborhood organizations,
the general public and the press were also present.

The Chairman, Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., called the meeting to order.
He then entertained a motion for the adoption of the November 18
Minutes. It was so moved and unanimously approved without correc-
tion. .


There was no report of the Mass Convention Steering Committee due
to the absence of Deacon Peters.


Dr. C. Miles Smith reported that a group consisting of Mrs. Nixon
of the Better Health Corporation; Dr. Swerdloff, Model Cities
Health Planner and himself went to Charlotte, North Carolina to
view their Health Program. He stated that their program was well
under way and listed the three major projects they are trying to

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After hearing the report, Mr. Hood moved that the Board not accept
the report because the other members of the Committee were not
involved. Mr. Newberry seconded the motion. Mr. Johnson then
explained to the Board that the function of the Special Committee
on Health was formed to review the Health proposals received for
the program and that Dr. Smith went to Charlotte on an information
and fact-finding tour. He stated that Davey Gibson would report _
further on the status of the present Health programs. Mr. Hood
then reguested that his motion be held in abeyance until Mr. Gib-
son's report is heard.

Mr. Gibson read and distributed copies of the position of the Model
Cities staff on the Health component. The report contained consi-
derations and recommendations of the staff in dealing with the pre-
sent Health proposals. ,

After hearing Mr. Gibson's report, Mr. Hood withdrew his motion
with hopes that the Health Committee will work and act as a commit-
tee in the future.

Dr. William Dowda, president-elect of the Fulton County Medical
Society made comments relative to the report read by Mr. Gibson and
requested that the two medical societies of Atlanta, the Health
Committee, and the health planners get together as soon as possible
so that the Health programs can get underway.

Mr. Coleman moved that the report of the Committee be accepted as
information and referred to the Health Committee for futher consi-
deration. The motion was seconded and approved by the Board.


Southern Railway Up-Date

Mr. Johnson brought the Board up-to~date on the problem with Southern
Railway. He pointed out on a map the land involved and outlined

the alternatives that the City departments, the Model Cities staff
and the community residents think could be a workable solution.

The following items were presented for the Board's approval:

Atlanta, Girls’ Club

This project involved the capital improvement of the Atlanta Girls'
Club on South Boulevard and was being held for further considera-
tion by the Review Committee since the agency was considered a
semi-private agency. Mr. Millican stated the the Board of Directors
of the Atlanta Girls' Club had agreed to deed the property involved
to the City and in turn the City construct a facility and lease the
property back to the Girls' Club for $1.00 a year. Mr. Millican
moved that the Board approve this proposal in concept and refer it

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to the City Attorney for preparation of a deed and lease agreement
between the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Girls' Club. The
motion was seconded anc approved by the Board.

Atlanta Youth Council

Mr. Johnson asked the Board to approwa proposal by the Atlanta
Children and Youth Services Council in the amount of $68,920. The
Youth Council has re-structured its original proposal that was
deleted from the program by the Review Committee. Mr. Lewis Din-
kins, Acting Director of the Youth Council stated that they had
deleted some of their projects and paired others and they feel
that they can adequately carry out their projects on a budget of
$68,920. It was then moved and seconded that the Youth Council's
proposal be approved. The motion was approved by the Board.

Management and Operation of Model Cities Complex

Mx. David Caldwell requested authorization to transfer $21,686 to
the Administrative Budget to facilitate the increase in money

needed for operation and maintenance of the Model Cities Complex.

He also asked for authority to amend the existing contract with
Strength Cleaning Company by $1,354.00 per month for 7 months for
additional maintenance service. Mr. Caldwell distributed copies

of the breakdown of the request. Mr. Coleman moved that the request
be approved. The motion was seconded and approved by the Board.

Lease with Atianta Housing Authority

Mc, Johnson asked the Board's approval for authority to enter into
contract with the Atlanta Housing Authority to lease the land

that the Model Cities Complex is now located on. It was moved and
seconded that authorization be given. The motion was seconded

and approved.

iIrban Design Framework

Mr. James Wright requested that the Model Cities Program be allowed
to solicit the services of several prominent architects to develop
an urban design framework to coordinate all architectual construc~
tion in the Model Neighborhood Area. The total cost of the pro-
ject is $5,120 for expenses of the consultants invited to parti-
cipate in the sessions. Mr. Coleman stated that in addition to the
Six consultants invited to the sessions, that local black architects
should be contacted to participate also. Mr. Wright said that

this would be done. Mr. Coleman then moved for approval of the
request but to add some black architects to the list of consultants.
The motion was seconded and approved by the Board.

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Carpenter's Residential Training Program

Mr. O. D. Fulp requested approval for the Georga State Employment
Service to subcontract with the Residential Carpenter's Union in

the amount of $5,871 to train area residents in the carpentry skills.
Mr. Hood moved that the request be approved. The motion was
seconded and approved by the Board.


Mr. Moody spoke to the Board as a representative from the Mechanics-
ville Civic League. He distributed a list of grievances and com-
plaints that his group wanted brought to the Board's attention.

The Chairman thanked Mr. Moody for his comments and stated that the
requests would be referred to the administrative staff for a report
at the next meeting.

Ac this point, Mr. Millican stated that this would be his last
time meeting with the Board and that he had enjoyed working with
the program. The Chairman asked that the appropriate resolution
be prepared to commend Mr. Millican for his service and dedication
to the Modei Cities Program.

Mr. Coleman made comments about the progress of the program and
commended Mayor Allen for the outstanding leadership he has given

to the program. He moved that the Board unanimously endorse his
leadership. His motion was seconded and approved by the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Chairman
Model Ces Executive ie’ rd

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