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December 17, 1969

To: Mayor-Elect Massell
From: Dan Sweat

Subject: Model Cities Program

This memorandum is provided for your general information so that you
will be aware of the administrative situation in regard to the Model
Cities Program as it is now established.

Technically, the Model Cities Program is a part of the Mayor's Office.
Its budget, for example, is under the administration of the Mayor,
although Mayor Allen has delegated the responsibility for approving

the disbursement of project funds to the Model Cities Director. This
organizational structure was established in accordance with the Model
Cities Act that required the program to be a "Mayor's Program". The
same act, however, required broad citizen participation in the program.
In attempting to reconcile this requirement with Atlanta's committee
system, it was decided that the Executive Board of the program would

be chaired by the Mayor and would have on it two Aldermen in addition

to citizens and other officials. It was further decided that all resolutions
and official actions required fortthe program would come from the
Executive Board to the appropriate Aldermanic Committee but, because
the Mayor and two members of the Aldermanic Board were on the
Executive Board, the other Aldermen would not have to be overly
concerned with the details of the program and could act on the recommen-
dations of the Executive Board with confidence,

This situation has created some problems in determining the Mayor's
exactrrole in the administration of the program. Notwithstanding the
federal government's position that the program is the responsibility of
the Mayor, our Board of Aldermen must, of course, give its sanction to
the day to day activities under our system. Further, the citizen

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December 17, 1969

participation requirement must be met. This brings up the question of
who can make administrative decisions; the Mayor, the Executive

Board, or the Board of Aldermen. At present, the Model Cities Director
feels that he is on the staff of the Mayor, but decisions concerning

his program are officially made by the Executive Board. Further, the
Board of Aldermen should not normally question actions made by the
Executive Board if they are within the context of the approved program.

Even less clear and of some concern to me is the exact role that the
Mayor's Staff is to play in the Model Cities Program. The Director
has made it clear in the past that he feels that it is his position that he
answer firectly to the Executive Board and especially to the Chairman,
the Mayor. This is only important in that you understand and approve
this arrangement so thatyyou will not expect that the staff has any
responsibilities in this regard.

This is not a problem that requires immediate action, but it is one that
obviously needs some direction. Hopefully, this will provide you with
some information so that you can be prepared to deal with it after the
first of the year.


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