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December 17 , 1969
Mayor-Elect Massell
Dan Sweat
Model Cities Program
This memorandum is provided for your general information so that you
will be aware of the administrative situation in i-egard to the Mod.el
Cities Program a it is now established.
Technically, the Model Citi s Program i8 a part of the Mayor's Office.
Its budget, I.or example, is und r the administration of the Mayor ,
although Mayor Allen has delegated the r spon ibility for approving
the disbursement of project funds to the Model Cities Dit ctor. This
organizational structur was established in accordance with the Mod 1
Cities Act th t r quir d the program to be a "Mayo:r ' s Program". Th
me act, howev :r, r quired broad citizen participation in the program.
In att mpting to r coricil this r quir :rnent with Atlanta's committ
system, it wa decided that the Executive Board of th program. would
b chaired by the Mayor and would have on it two Ald rmen in addition
to cltiz ns and oth r of£icial • It was furth r d cided that all re olution
arid official action r quired fortl:he program would come from the
E:gecutive Board to the appropriate Ald rmanic Committee but, becau e
th M yor and two member 0£ the Alderma:nic Board
re on the
Ex c:utive Board, the other Ald . :rm n would not have to be overly
concern d with th detail of th program and could act on th recomme:n•
dation of the Ex ·cuUv Board With confidence.
ituation has er ated som · problems in determining th M yor'
xactrrol in the administration of th program. Notwith tandin the
f d r l governm nt' poeition th t the pro :r m l8 th r pon ibUity of
the M yoi.-, our Boar-d of Ald i-m n must, of couJP , giv it
anction to
th d y to d y ctivitl und r oui, ay~tem. Furth l', th citi on
Page Two
December 1 7, 1969
participation requirement must be met. This brings up the question of
who can make administrative decisions; the Mayor, the Executive
Board, or the Board of Aldermen. At present, the Model Cities Director
feels that he is on the staff of the Mayor, but decisions concerning
bis program are officially made by the Executive Board. Further, the
Board of Aldermen should not normally question actions made by the
Executive Boa.r d if they are within the context of the approved program.
Even less clear and of some concern to me is the exact role that the
Mayor ' s Staff is to play in the Model Cities Program. The Director
has made it clear in the past that he feels that it is his position that he
answer Birectly to the. Executive Board and specially to the Chairman,
the Mayor. This is only important in that you understand and approve
this arrangement so thatyyou will not expect that the staff has any
responsibilities in this regard.
This is not a problem that requir s imm.ediate action. but it is one that
obviously needs some direction. Hopefully. this will provide you with
om information so that you can be prepared to deal with it after the
fir t of the ye r.

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