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November 12, 1969

Miss Joanne D. Whelden
Research Assistant for
William B, Henry, Director
Regional Planning Commission
415 The Arcade

Cleveland, Ohio 4414

Dear Miss Whelden:

Your October 9, 1969 letter to Dan Sweat has been referred
to me by Johnny Johnson, Director of the Atlanta Model
Cities Program, and I am herein replying for them.

The Atlanta Model Cities Program Began in November 1967.
However, most of the subsequent period was spent in planning
with residents as to what the community should have. We did
not conduct a great many surveys for two basic reasons:

1. Lack of time before HUD required us to submit
our plan.

2. Insufficient funds prior to this time.

However, we now have both of those situations rectified. For
instance, we have signed a contract with Georgia State
University in Atlanta to conduct much of our research program.
Its effort will include an intensive and comprehensive attitudi-
nal survey. I don't believe at the present time that the
University has developed ite attitudinal survey in final form.
However, I suggest you contact the following office: Dr. Frank
Steggert, Director of Urban Observatory; Hartford Building;
Bdgewood Avenue, Atlanta,Georgia (Attention: Miss Jananne

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Olsen). I am certain Dr. Steggert or Miss Olsen will be
happy to cooperate.

Another piece of research to which I would refer you would
be an intensive and comprehensive survey compiled by our
regional office of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The
Bureau studied the Model Cities area and the remainder of
what is the Atlanta CEP area (Concentrated Employment
Program). I have requested Charles Bullard, Assistance
Regional Director, to mail you under a separate Gover the
questionaires his interviewers used. Finally, there was a
study (which included some 200 interviewees) on the.
attitudes of the residents concerning the system of criminal
justice. This was done by William Mathias, who is now asso-
ciated with the Urban Life Center; Georgia State University;
Atlanta, Georgia.

I would hope this information and the four pages I am sending
with this mailing would be helpful to you. If we can be of
further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us again.

Sincerely yours,

Alan Wexler
Technical Writer


cc: Dan Sweat
Johnny C. Johnson


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