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November 3, 1969

Mr. Charles L. Davis
Director of Finance
City of Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Charles:

We have submitted the Mayor's Department 1979 proposed budget to
Mr. Underwood. In addition to the general fund financed staff, it pro-~
vides for the Model Cities Program.

In consideration of this proposed budget you should be advised that
Mayor Elect Massell has notas yet reviewed this budget and may
have changes to suggest. For example, it is anticipated that he will
desire some alterations and/or redecorating of the Mayor's Office
which will probably require some additional funds. A meeting with
Mr. Massell is scheduled this week to go over this budget and any
changes that he suggests will be made known as soon as possible.

In addition, the Urban Corps central staff is now working on a pro-
posal for a 1970 program to be presented to the Mayor and Board

of Aldermen. They have been asked to present their proposal in two
separate ways, one, if they continue their present administrative
structure as a division of the Mayor's Office and, secondly, if they
use their non-profit corporation status beginning in 1970. They have
stated that their proposal will be finished within two weeks,

Very truly yours,

Dan E. Wvreat, Jr.
Chief Administrative Officer

ec: Mr. Underwood

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