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September 18, 1969
Mr , Johnny Johnson
Dan E . Sweat, Jr .
A dmini strativ
We have had several d iscus ion in the past concerning th_ exact administr tiv rel tionship that the Model Cities orga.niz tion should have in
relationship to the Mayor's Office and the bal nc of th City organization.
This whol discussion i , of course , complic ted by th sp cial org nill;ation
r quir d by the f deral gov rnment such as the Ex cqtiv B o ard and the
other citimen particip -tlon organizations .
There seems to b no doubt on th f deral l vel and in the mind of the
general pu.blic how v r , that th
dministr tion of the Mod 1 Cities Program
r ponsibility of th M yor' Office of th v rious citi s . To dat ,
we h v t citly r .cognlz d thi and, technic lly, the dministr tiv
proe dure hav
t blished th org · nization
division of th-, M yor'
Office. In actual pr ctic • how v r , you h v fwiction d
d partm nt
h ad and your organization has , in ff ct, b - n tre t d s a
par t
d p rtm. nt of th City.
W hav b n fortun t and your s taff is to b comm nd d in th t w h v .
had r latively ood communication11 nd coop r tion ven though our lin
of adroinistr tiv& uthol"ity h v not alway b n
plicit. E::v n so, some
confu on ha ld t d mong th v riou
g nde Md d p rtm nt of th
M yor Allen h s di cussed th1 overall qu stlon with me
v r 1 times and
mo t rflc -nuy ha db ct d m to m et with you nd d velop proc du.I' s
which will hav• th U d of bringing M od l Citi into th dir · ct dmini .. Un of uthorlty o! th . Mayo:r' Office. Thi
·11. of cours · •
�Memo to Johnny Johns on
Page Two
September 18, 1969
include establishing the Model Cities organization under the administrat.ive
supervision of the Staff of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen in practice
as well as technically. This will necessarily involve some changes in your
day to day operations as far as your relationships with the service departments
of the City . In addition, it will involve a greater participation of the
Mayor's Office in the planning and operation of the M odel Cities Program.
I am sure thatyyou, like me~. will welcome a more definitive clarification·
of our resp ctive duties and responsibilities as far as the M odel Cities
Program ia concerned and will be able to work together harmoniously
to accomplish even mo11e for the p rogram.
When you have had an opportunity to read this, please contact m
a meeting so that we can procee d on this .

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