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NDP Action Areas


1969 Clearance -

(a) Additional setback should be required for the widening of Stephens,
McDaniel, and Rockwell Streets, since these streets are classified as two-
lane collectors. Two-lane collectors, as referred to in this analysis, are
60 foot right-of-way, with 40 foot pavement as set forth in the City of
Atlanta Revised Street Cross Sections.

(b) Berckele Street and Middle Street between McDaniel Street and Coleman
Street were constructed in approximately 1968, to relieve a drainage problem.
It is, therefore, desirable, if possible, to maintain this street as part of the

redevelopment plan.

1969 Rehabilitation - Preliminary review shows no transportation problems.

1970 Clearance ~- Additional setback should be required for the widening of Rockwell

1970 Rehabilitation - Preliminary review shows no transportation problems.

Long-Range Plans

Adair Park
|. Major Thoroughfares

(a) The existing city street classification does not recognize Allene-Lowndes
Street as a collector.

(b) Allene-Lowndes Street should not be classified as a collector, since it
is one block east of Murphy Street, which is classified as a collector

and provides access to the same land.

(c) The relocation of the intersection of Allene Street and Lillian Avenue

is desirable and eliminates a dangerous intersection. The extension
of Allene Street north of Lillian Avenue provides only a slight in-
crease in access to the area and would mainly serve the park, which
has adequate access without the extension, i.e., we recommend re-
location of Allene Street from Pearce Street to Lillian Avenue, as
shown but not from Lillian to Lowndes.

2. Minor Streets - Preliminary review indicates all changes desirable.

1. Major Thoroughfares -

(a) If Rockwell and Fletcher Streets are improved to collector standards,
it will not be necessary for Mary or Arthur to be improved to these

(b) A grade-separation at McDaniel Street, and the railroad, is desir-
able and feasible as an underpass. This will affect adjacent land
use and needs additional study.

(c) Consideration should be given to the widening of University on the
north if additional right of way is not available from post office
site on south side to provide for four lane arterial.

(d) Developing McDaniel Street and Hubbard Street into one-way pairs
between Gardner Street and Fletcher Street was mentioned by the
consultant and has some merit, particularly since it would allow
the two streets to take on collector status without clearing existing
commercial on McDaniel.

2. Minor Streets =

(a) Bender and Welch Street access to Shelton-Stephens Street should
not be allowed. These streets should connect into Humphries Street,
which provides access to Shelton-Stephens Street, or some other

(b) The streets east of McDaniel Street and north of Gardner Street
should be abandoned, and private access should be provided to
the adjacent high density residential.

(c) If condition of structures warrant clearance, Cohen Street between
Welch Street and Coleman Street, Middle Street between Bery|
Street and Humphries Street, and Hubbard Street between Rockwell

Street and Gardner Street should be abandoned. If these
streets are abandoned, it will allow for the accumulation of
larger parcels for proposed land use while adequate access
is maintained,

(d) Access into University Avenue from the north should be
limited (close Welch, Sims, Ira , etc. ) and remaining
access should align with exits and entrances to the post
office. i

(e) West Avenue should not intersect with University Avenue due to
its position relative to the freeway ramps. Problem of industry

would need study.

(f) The Fortress Avenue railroad crossing should be maintained and
signals should be considered.

(g) Traffic Engineering would like the intersection of University Avenue
and Pryor Street improved on the northeast corner.

We are in agreement with the classification and treatment of streets in the above

areas unless commented upon.
The improvement of streets to the city street classification standards needs
additional study in relationship to the clearance or non=c'earance of adjacent land.

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