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NDP Action Areas


1969 Clearance - Cooper Street between Richardson Street and Fulton Street should be

deleted. Formwalt Street and Windsor Street should be retained between
Richardson Street and Fulton Street. In future years, Formwalt Street and
Windsor Street should be deleted between Glenn Street and Georgia
Avenue. Cooper Street should be retained between Glenn Street and
Georgia Avenue.

1970 Clearance and Street Improvements -



Discussion with the Atlanta Transit indicates that their property cannot be
included in 1970 Clearance. A relocation/marketability study of the transit
facility will have to be made first.

That portion of the Pryor-Central two-way street under consideration for

1970 Action should be deleted pending a thorough study of the Pryor-
Central corridor.

Long-Range Plans

1. Major Thoroughfares





McDaniel Street should be continued into the Pittsburgh Area with a grade
separation at the railroad.

The combination of Pryor-Central into a two-way street south of Fulton
Street best serves the neighborhood. The Traffic Engineering Department
believes the one-way pair should remain, as it serves stadium traffic. We
believe the problem needs additional study. The action should take place
only after the study is completed.

The relocation of the I-75-85 ramps will have to be discussed with the
Highway Department.

Windsor Street~-Ormond Street south of Georgia Avenue and connecting to
Central Avenue should be classified as a two-lane collector.

(e) Glenn Street between McDaniel Street and Ira Street
will have to be maintained to provide access to adjacent land.

2. Minor Streets

(a) Since McDaniel Street is continued into the Pittsburgh Area, Stephens
Street should end with its connection to Smith Street.

(b) The relocation of Rawson Street, Eugenia Street, and Formwalt Street
north of Fulton Street is questionable on a cost-benefit basis.

(c) Some local access streets should be maintained or built between Central
Avenue and Pulliam Street to maintain access to the adjacent land use.

(d) Existing Adamson Street should be maintained but relocated between
Buena Vista Avenue and Ormond Street to align with existing Formwalt
Street. This street would replace the proposed streets west of Adamson
and south of Ormond.

(e) Access to Georgia Avenue between McDaniel and Windsor should be

(f) Whitehall Terrace should remain open between Glenn Street and Crumley
Street to provide access to public housing.

The improvement of streets to the city street classification standards needs additional
study in relationship to the clearance or non=clearance of adjacent land.
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