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1970 Activity Areas
Activity areas appear acceptable except for the following item:
It has not been firmly resolved that the area slated for clearance west of
Martin Street shou Id be the site for the primary school. A decision on
this school site and on the location of the adjacent park will be forthcoming shortly.
1970 clearance for school west of Martin Street sti II not firmly decided.
Future Uses
l. Boyton Street in Peoplestown is currently an unimproved, very narrow street.
If th is street is paved and widened to two lanes, it wi II be impossible to obtain
a buffer south of Boyton Street as shown on the map. Such a buffer could only
be obtained if the city condemned part of the land south of Boyton Street, which
is now used as a lumber yard.
2. West of Capitol Avenue and south of Haygood Avenue are several commercial
establishments. This area is shown as high density residential.
a more appropriate use wou Id be neighborhood commercial.
It appears that
3. The buffer north of Pope Street and south of the proposed road between Pope
Street and Pulliam Street will be difficult to maintain and is too small to provide
recreation facilities. Controls may be imposed when the land is redeveloped to
require proper shielding from t~e industrial areas. Other proposed buffers and
scenic malls or corridors are shown on the plan.
4 . Park adjacent to E. P. Johnson Elementary School does not meet neighborhood
5 . There is a large amount of neighborhood commercial shown just north and south
of Georgia Avenue . This shou Id be changed to general commercial.
6. If Ormond Street is continued east and west , the pa rk shown west of Fraser Street
wi ll be elim inated . Deletion of the park does not a ppear to be se ri ous be cause it
is so c lose to the park on Crew Street and the proposed pa rk a t Li ttle a nd Marti n
Stree ts .
---~-- ·-~
7. The proposed scenic corridor to the stadium and downtown starting at Love
and Crew Streets and extending along the right-of-way of Crew Street to
Georgia Avenue would eliminate all the trees along the street if a view of
the stadium and sky Iine is the desired effect.

8. The recently constructed Southside Comprehensive Health Center is located
at 1039 Ridge Avenue. The center offers preventive health services to all age
groups. This site is now shown on the map as industrial and should be public.
Carefu I consideration shou Id be made as to the type of uses to be located near
the center. It may be necessary to impose a buffer between the center and
other uses to insure the proper climate for the health center.
9. Land use immediately east and south of the stadium needs further study. It is
recommended that no plan changes be made in this area until a detailed study can
be accomplished and approved.

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