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October 3, 1969
Mr. Gilbert Dulaney, Administrator
Fulton County Department of
Family and Children Services
165 Central Avenue, s. w.
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mr. Dulaney:
The October Model Cities Executive Board meeting i scheduled
for Wednesday, October 15 at 10:00 a.m. in City Hall, Committee
Room #2 .
In order to bring all bo4rd member up to date on progress in
the Model Cities Program, we would appreciate a report from
your organization at this meeting relative to project you have
pre ently undertaken. To allow the me ting to move along, we
ask that presentations be limited to approximately five minute
nd encourage the use of any visual aids you may develop.
We feel that the members of the board will be interested in both
succe ses and dificulties that you may have encountered. Your
report should b particularly beneficial to the board, demonstrating jut what i happening in Model Citi s.
would appreciate your cooperation and per onal ttention to
re unable to attend ple e let
us know who will repre nt you at thi meeting .
this r que t , howev r , if you
Johnny c. John on
Executive Dir ctor
Mayor Ivan All n, Jro
Mod 1 Citi
Ex eutiv
Bo rd M mb re

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