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Tuesday, September 9, 1969
10:00 a.m.

The monthly meeting of the Model Cities Executive Board was held
on Tuesday, September 9, 1969 at 10:00 a.m. in Committee Room #2,
City Hall. is following members were present:

Mayor tvan Allen, Jr., Cimairman
Mrs. Mattie Ansley
Representative John Hood
Alderman E. Gregory Griggs
Alderman G. Everett Millican
Commissioner Walter Mitchell
Mr. J. D. Newberry

Dr. C. Miles Smith

Mrs. Martha Weems

Mc. Joe Whitley


Commissioner Sam Caldwell
Mr. Clarence Coleman
Deacon Lewis Peters

Mr. Bill Wainwright

Other City officials, representatives from neighborhood organizations,
the general public and the press were also present.

The Chairman, Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., called the meeting to order.
He then entertained a motion for the adoption of the August 12 Min-
utes. It was so moved and unanimously approved without correction.


In the absence of Deacon Peters, the Chairman asked other members of
the Steering Committee if they wanted tomake a report. Mr. Whitley
then stated that he wanted to call to the attention of the Board that
there is a lot of unrest in the Steering Committee and that he thinks
it would be a good idea for the Review Committee to review all the
action taken by the Steering Committee. Mr. Hood explained that

some discrepancies have occured in the Steering Committee and attri-
buted these discrepancies to the failure of the Steering Committee

to hire an Executive Director of Model Cities Mass Convention, Inc.,
to take care of some of the duties that Deacon Peters has had to
perform as chairman of the Steering Committee. He said that as soon

as an Executive Director is hired, the business of the Steering
Committee and the Model Cities Mass Convention, Inc., will run
smoothly. The Mayor then said that the did not think it will be
necessary to do any checking into the Steering Committee at this

Mr. Newberry pointed out that some of the Steering Committee mem-
bers think that the Steering Committee should see and check all
contracts before the Sxecutive Board passes on them. Mr. Millican
stated that the Steering Committee could recieve a list of con-
tracts passed, but that they should not besgiven a copy of the
actual contracts. Mr. Johnson pointed out that all members of the
Steering Committee had received a copy of the Project Descriptions
and that this information should be filtered down. Mr. Hood agreed
that the Steering Committee should go through the Project Descrip-
tions and raise any questions thatitthey might have as a result of
the review in their meetings.


Each Board member received a copy of the memorandum from the Review
Committee that made recommendations concerning the remaining pro-
jects of the Model Cities Program. Mr. Millican moved that projects
listed to be approved be approved. These projects were:

RE-002N Model Cities Atlanta
Youth Council
RE-OO5N Community Resources Development
SS-010C Senior Citizens Services
SS-047N Enrichment Services
CD-O1LON Group Foster Home
RC-OLIN Visual and Performing
Arts Program
RC-012N Store Front Libraries
RC-013 Atlanta Girls Club Program
RC-O15N Recreation Advisory Councils
HR-OO3N Greater Atlanta Housing



Development Corporation
Special Relocation Assist™m ce

Public Facilities Impact
SS-050N \ Common Data

SS~-O51N Day Care Services
EM-O14N . Purchase of Training
Dr. Smith seconded the motion and it received unanimous approval.

De. Smith moved that the four projects being held for further
consideration dealing with the Health Component be reviewed by the
Review Committee. The projects being HE-002N, Health and Educa-
tion Services; HE-CO7N, Form Group Practice; HE-009, Medical
Facility; and HE-014N, Preventive Dental Care. The motion was
seconded and approved.

Mr. Millican asked that the project involving the capital improve-
ments of the Atlanta Girls Club, Project RC-O07N, be held until
some legal questions can be answered.

It was then moved and seconded that the projects recommended for
deletion be approved. The motion carried. These projects are:
RE-O001C, Model Cities Resident Organization(Reduced by $33,000);
RE-OO4N, Training of Residents; EM~-O15N, Resident work Attitude
Change; EM-020N, Rapid Job Order Transmission; EM-022, Automated
Manpower Coordination; EC-001N, Neighborhood Development Corpora-
tion; EC~-002N, Commercial Loan Officer Training; ED-026N Capming
Programs; ED-O30N, Coordination and Evaluation; ED-044N, Truancy
and Absenteeism; SS-023N, Income Maintenance; SS-O049N, Project
Expand (reduced by $60,000); HE-008, Health Screening; HE-0O18N,
Health Screening; HE-OL8N, Mental Health Planner; TR-002C, Transit
Information Program; RE-003N, CD-O1L1N, CD-012N, Coordination Ser-
vices for Children and Youth, United Outreach and Juvenile
Delinguency Prevention; CD~O06N, Crime Data; TR-O004N, Bus Stop
Shelters. The funds freed up will be put in the General Funds
Account for use in other projects.

Operation Breakthrough

Mr. Johnson presented Mr. James Robinson, President of Urban East
Housing Consultants to discuss the "Operation Breakthrough" pro-
ject. Mr. Robinson gave a brief description of the Operation
Breakthrough Program, which is a program sponsored by the Depart-
ment of Housing and Urban Development to develop on a systems, mass
produced basis a demonstration housing program. The application

from the City is due in the HUD office in Washington on September 19
and an all out effort is being put forth by the City Planning Depart-
ment, the Model Cities Staff and the Urban East Consultants to meet
this deadline. The project will bring to Atlanta a new industry that
will serve the entire southeast. Mr. Robinson asked the Board to


approve the sites located in the Model Cities Area that are to be
used in the project and that $3,000 be allocated for expenses in
preparing the application. It was moved and seconded that both
requests be approved. The motion received unamious approval.

Tuskegee Institute

The Model Cities Staff received proposals from Georgia Tech and
Tuskegee Institute to do a study on Housing Choice Community
Analysis. The students from Tuskegee worked all last summer pre-
parting their report. They are requesting that the Model Cities
Program pay for the printing and reproduction of their findings.

Mr. Johnson asked that the Board consider their request for funding
in the amount of $1,100. He also stated that the report wili be

of great value to the program in next year's planning. Mr. Millican
moved that the request be approved. The motion was seconded and
unamiously approved.

Atlanta Housing Authority

Mr. Tom Eskew made the presentation for the Atlanta Housing Authority.
The Housing Authority asked for approval to make changes in Site

No. 4 of the 1969 Clearance Proposal. This site was first designated
for mult-family and single family housing. The Housing Authority
asked for approval to put in a Townhouse Development and introduce

a Community Unit Plan. A discussion followed on the zoning and
relocation problems connected with the site. Mr. Griggs then moved
that the request be approved. The motion was seconded and approved
by the Board.

Mr. Eskew then moved that the Board approve the sites selected for
clearance in 1970. He pointed out the areas on a map indicating
the '69 and '70 clearance areas. Mr.Johnson stated that the Model
Cities Staff recommends approval of the clearance areas. It was
then moved and seconded that the 1970 clearance areas be approved.
The motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.


Model Cities Prbgran—

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Chairman
Model Cities Executive Board

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