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February 10, 1969


TO: Virginia Carmichael, Director of Recreation
FROM: Jack C, Delius, General Manager of Parks & Recreation

Miss Hattie Thomas of the Mayor's Office has asked me

to investigate the situation involving the prospective
employment of Miss Bessie L. Whitehead, for the position
(as I understand it) of Community Recreation Director.
Miss Whitehead apparently successfully passed the written
part of the examination but received a letter dated
January 31, 1969 from the Personnel Department stating
that she had failed the oral. Miss Whitehead further
states that on February 10, 1969 she "talked to someone
in Recreation" who said they simply could not understand
how she could have failed the oral.

I advised Miss Thomas that we were not privileged to
exam the oral done by at least three different people,
one of whom only normally represents this department.
However, I would ask you to hook into this and see if
there has been any mistakes made, etc. Would you
please advise Miss Whitehead at 1220 Gardenia St.,N.W.
of the circumstances and also post Miss Thomas in the
Mayor's Office. Thank you very much.

JCD: bf
ee: AMiss Hattie Thomas, Secretary, Mayor's Office

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