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July l, 1969
To: Mayor Ivan A llen , Jr.
From: Dan Sweat
Subject: Edward Moody
Following i s a list of events concerning Edward Moody and the d evelopment of M odel Nei ghborhood, Inc .
Moody was perm nently empl oyed by the Parks Department s
Community Recreation Le de r on September 26, 1966. His sal ry
was $340. 00 a month. H wa dismi eed on May 24, 1967 . He
dismissed bee use of conflict with th staff w ith which hew s
working. He was re ssigned to another conununity center but
w lked off the job. He w s subeequently dismiss d .
He w s mployed gain by th City on M rch 5, 1968, e
Community Work r on the Model Citi
staff. Hi s 1 ry w s
$240. 00 a month. He w
d lsrnl
d on May 14, 1968. for l llur
to follow directions.
On January 18, 1968, the group known a Model N ighborhood, Inc.
(which was ln lta third year of xlstenc ) becam a eh rt r d non•
profit org nb tion, a.ft r being advie d to do o in ord r to be
Ugibl for federal grants , found tion fund• nd s e d money from
diUerent gencles to fiAance its programs
d p1'oject •
Edward Moody ls preaid nt and Bron Clevel nd and
are consultant •
obert W. Waynier
�Mayor Allen
Page Two
July l, 1969
On October 22, 1968, M r . Moody received a letter from Johnny
Johnson informing him that his corporation, Model Neighborhood ,
Inc ., would receive $6. 000 from the C ity of Atlanta ' s Model C ities
Progra m . It was an EDA grant for economic development in the
Model Neighborhood Area. This money was approved by the Model
Cities Executive Board , the Board of Alde rmen and the Mayor. ·
In May 1968 MNI was granted a $10,800 loan from the Trust Company
of Georgia to obtain an option on Atlanta Housing A uthority p roperty
at Georgi a Avenue and McDaniel Street. See att ched memo from
George Berry.
Economic Development A dministration grant .. totaling $121, 750 of
which 86, 780 is federal cash contribution and 35, 000 comes from
the City of Atlanta (Technical Assistance Grant Project No. 04-6-09154) as given upon s trong recommendation of the Atlanta City Demonstration
Agency (check their lett r to EDA of January 27., 1969) .
Responsibilities of th
Outreach program • providing technical
minority entrepr neurs
Planning and dev lopment of
in the M odel Citi s Ar a .
ssist nc
to primarily
shopping cent r or simil r facili
The EDA gr nt w
pproved on May 13. 1969; by Robert A. Pod st
£or a 12 month p riod. Atl nt CDA pproval inf'luenc d this decision
The Small Busin sa A dministr tlon approv d
$50,000 lo n to MN1
in June 1969 (la t w ek) to be used in th developm i:it and op r tion of
the MNI manu! cturlng pl nt. The manufacturing pl nt ls loc te-d on
Georgia venue nd produc
wom n's c sual · pp rel.
The St ring C ommittee of th Ma
Convention met Tu sday, June 2-4.
1969, and voted 7 - 0 a inst the MNl gr t J' quest for $35 ,000 M od 1
Citi s suppl m t 1 f~d tom tch the EDA grant. Two m mb r
ab tained, six w r• b nt.

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