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February 19, 1969

Mr. Edward Moody

Model Neighborhood Manufacturing Company
55 Georgia Avenue, 5.E,

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Hr. Moody:

Recently cur Inspector requested that you file a 1969
Application for a Business License. You stated to our
Inspector that you were not required to secure a City
Business License for the Model Neighborhood Manufacturing

Under the current Business License Ordinance all persons
engaged in business within the corporate limits of the City
of Atlanta for the purpose of profit, gain, or econonic
improvement are required to file an Application for a
Business License and pay the fea.

If you do not believe that you fall within the intent of the
present Business License Ordinance, then please write us
exactly why you think the Model. Neighborhood Manufacturing
Company should be exempt.

Enclosed are the required Applications for a Business License
and an instruction book. If we may be of any assistance in the
preparation of your return, please call us at 522-4463, Ext. 205,

Very trul


Marion D. Levy
Business License Administrator


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CC: Mr. Sidney Andrews
Mr. Bill Mansua
Hr. George Berry

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