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(page 2)
A nominating committee was appointed by
Little Bird Lite s On Machine And
her to nominat e a new slat e of officers
to s ucceed the out going adm1nistration
11 I thought I was me ssed up enough in
I wa s a sked if I would like t o accept
the office of Pres ident to be in the
t he traffic problem t hat we are having.
nomination. I accepted F hen the P. T .A.
met I wa s elected.
Narrow Street s , Congested Expre ssways and
In the 1963 Bond Issue funds wa s voted
on t o acquire adja cent property to build
Ri!pid Transit. Vihy can •t ,{ /_
ffi new Pryor st. School. In the acquisit:in
proces s 24 f amilies had to give up the·ir
t hes e planners ever
// , , /;/
homes. Some of these homes were almost
pa id f or. So the se f amilie s had t o go in
f inish anything .,,,<~:'- , .
debt all over aga in. This was a stra in m
most of them bec ause of the ir age.
t hey start E•"
It was a skedof t hat P.T.A. of 1965 that
' \ l
school board be forc ed t o carry out
\ '- l'Flying away
this committment. rt was noted by s ever al
11 Oh, Oh see you next week. 11 ·>-·
of the owners that Thomasville h€ld a nh"""" " " " "
ool in the 1957, and 63 bond issue and
(Pittsburgh continued from page 1)
even t oday t hat s chool has not been builit
Having the t wo s chool previously been
community r emains r es ident al. They appla - listed in t wo bond proposals the f eeling
uded very l oud aga in.
was that the board would likely do the
fl.mot ion was made to t ell Model Cit i es
s ame thing, plan but not build.
and t he City Of Atlanta t o r ehibilitate
The f amilies that had to move, pledged
Pittsburgh, and to br ing all t he servic es
t o make the board build a new s chool on
i nt o t he communi ty. The gr ant f or t he pe o- t he l and they had tr'l give up. ,·,ith a deple s , et c. The motion was se conded and
l eg at i on of par ents I a s t he Pres iden~
unamiousl y car r i ed .
Ass i sted by t he Principl e sta rted a v 1gMr J ohnson asked the group to el ect
irous approach upon the board at each of
s ome r epre s ent at ive s to f orm a committ ee
i ts meetings . Our appear ence befor e the
and he will meet wi t h t hem at any t i me ,
board caused t he boar d to adopt a policy
They agr eed t o do t hi s .
t hat i s i n eff ect now. Aft er cont inuing
t hi s for some time Pr yor st. School got
seni ori ty promise s and w~s among the
f i rst school f our to be built, in the 19
66 bond is sue appr oval .
r t t ake s more then a new building to
-Sunday Oct. 27. Pryor s t. School Dedi cat - e ducat e our chil d~ens. It t ake s the inion Progr amMr. Edward Moody t he past
te r est of the t eachers, the principle s,
P. T.A. Pr e sident at Pryor St. School wa s
the ~dmini st ration , and the pr2.ents. I t ,
bn the progr am, and he preceded Dr. John
is the kind of cirriculnm t hat t he school
,;-• Letson the guest speaker. Mr Moody sa id ha s that make s i t educational or dis - inhe chose t he s ubj ect, in order t hat t he
teresting. Put all of the se ingredient s
rec or d will be st r a i ght. He spoke ,
together and you will have [', c ompound
I would like to t ake you back to the yea r combin8tion. This s chool should not be
+965. The Parent s at t hat time was having
dedicated to crn y individual, or t o any
a f airl y good P.T.A. with t he t eachers
group , but tothe educat i on of the chiland Princ i pl e at Pryor st. School . JM.r$
dren, t hats what it shoul d be dedi cated
r~eed was t he patrol - l ady , and al so ~11 .1
to .
9erved as the President of the P.T .A~
Let t his combination dedicate themsSa id:
/ <'
I ii \
I\ 1 \ / \
I \/ \
l~ I .
pt 4:li2
(see Pryor Street page 3)
�.,. ~
.................. _
'. · · • , • -P-t- , -H+ ·

( Fag", j:
++-1---+-;,++-H I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1-1 I H I I +H-H--H-1'"'--, '-',+ ·t -H ~
l lN"
+A , F-Ortress~_Ave - -.

j' ___ _ ; _

C, m
__ _.·;~___,_.,_~
,_ - " - 0
_ ..r-:--_COMMUNJ.TY. GETS. ..E .. . . .O • .-1,..., __G.RAfJT
~FOR $7,000,00

-1 1c.: v " 111 ,, N . Thomas and -SB3le.ral .. resident -l \ 11' t ri g ?n s1,L..Alie.- are organizing

The-.Mechanics-u:ille--Community: --Ce:n~e.i>
>~ r i~ ,) ___.,t oo -r-·-neighbor dri V?, to urge·has .-recj..e.ved a gr1:1-nt to ?pera t8 o:L. t o ~-·

3n,1. 1:nvi te every- person 11 v }l;l.g · at thesine year after whic~ 1 t J_s expt: c t ,

n~d. ,;-- ?ss es to attend a meeting Thursday ec?me self-s:1-pporting through-J 1-lt - t i1 ::=
n :,.(;L·c No v8mber 7, 8.0Q_p-,m, at the Galilw.ire COI!lillt}nity.
Bapt1s ~ Chur ~. :1 O!.l..Fo'.rtress Ave.
The funds·wa.s _made ava"lab1e ·;-•:i ·,~h
' [·-! :i:J, t _be ef_YcI(.you
in the Model _Ci tieJiodsl Neighborhood Inc _.__ The :,:-es i .u e.n t s.
t'?'~)s:r-2.r:' , -and '" T
1J'.!1at effects you in t:he-and Board. Mernbe.r_s__o .f M. N , I , h s.Y s l ;:~·=,1
PL:tns ~1 '.· · ,;JJ.J. I be ;.:, he seminal forum. ,
seeking for six months .to g et [< Cl t,fi
L1 }. T e oi d P.n L., in Mechanicsville are money to cary out a p:ro g_:::-.'.:.l.ll1-o:' -<;;..J.;_,l ,:, ·,' .
.L·, to E.i t t c r,6_ too.
ment, social, recreat:"Lon. h o :m.8 Ea.:-,:\.:J;·J .. ,
ment and other comrn.llllity acti v- i t.'...c:E. · ~: 'Y'./ _
t ·+-r-1·H--',---:--i--+·-t---++ i--l-+;- t·i-H I I I I I I I I I I I I \ I I I I ~-e chanics:v~ lie...- --- -- . --·


A boys Club _, and _a Girls---Clu~c, -- .L;
rapidly progressing along with tL~ ·.:i..i -- ~---fferent volunt-eered. . servic e s p l 2:r·,:., .1_-,, -: _
. ___? .i na.l )1a~s to open in the-city -- of
The funds will be used for-e:::Lf·L:i2<u-;:
,.1. t. ;.:1.nt:J, ri. f 1., s t and in a ghetto sll'm a ~u~l_time . supervisor, and p e,y ·::"; ,?
--,n-c.:-~ 2. Cc :·r.xnity owened., Community _
util_ities, plus purcbas.e_o-f fi Ge a_r;_ci..
n :1):1:::~g (.; G _ ~. nd. i ty priority in
advertising .supplies.
p ..,-,,r,i,y1;-n-,-»·' -'-· ,a·· t · - 1 d

--- · ~-~·L'- 7 '. ~,i ~'.i 1.,_--""s r i a

eve oping project I I I 1-1 I I b
I I I I 1-H·--- ·,

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