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Office of General Manager

Atlanta, Georgia 30303
“May 2, 1969


JACK C. DELIUS s Minas: or
rs Mr. Joe Gentry, Parks Engineering

Miss Jimmie Mims, Assistant Director of Recreation

FROM: Jack C. Delius, General Manager of Parks and
SUBJECT: _ Eden Rag Company (Ira Street)

I am attaching for each of you a Xerox of a proposed Recreation
Program to take place at the former Eden Rag Company building on
Sar Ira Street. I am asking Joe Gentry to coordinate all the improve-
ments to the building and the surrounding land, and have already
discussed some of this with Mr. Roland Ebright, Foreman of Adams
Park. It will be necessary to ask Fred Shepherd to give us his
opinion as soon as possible as to the practicality of moving certain
pieces of superstructure in the warehouse section of the building.
Also, Mr. Earl Landers advises that Pete Peterson, of the City
Hall, has a number of spare plumbing fixtures we might use in
replacing those vandalized. You should talk to Mr. Grady Butler,
the Extension Area Manager. of Sum-Mec, and discuss the particulars
on the renovation of this building. Overtime is authorized through
Range 46 for painters, carpenters, electricians, to get on this
project immediately. Several trees will have to be removed, lights
added to the field and general illumination (not professional
athletic lights), utilities turned on, a telephone installed, etc.
Please review the attached list.

Miss Mims, it is the City's wish to staff this facility as soon as
practical and to supply the equipment on the attached list where
possible. Please have your Recreation Coordinator or the Recreation
Supervisor work closely with Mr. Butler. An excellent job has been
done in organizing the Neighborhood Advisory Committee, and we
should certainly lend an ear to their advice.

Finally, the first order of business will be to regrade and make
playable the ball field to the north of the building and the
construction of a ball field to the south of the building.

Mr. Butler can £ill you in on this. A number of City officials
have expressed personal interest in the success of this program and I

Memo to: Mr. Joe Gentry ‘ May 2, 1969
. Miss Jimmie Mims

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‘appreciate their cooperation. The Optimist Club of Executive
Park may vote to render certain assistance to us with this
project and Mr. Johnny Robinson is currently contacting this
group to determine what aid may be forthcoming. .

JCD: jw

cc: Mr. R. Earl.Landers, Mayor's Office~
Mr. Johnny Robinson, Community Development Coordinator
Mr. Grady Butler, Extension Area Manager,
-, Sum-—Mec Extension Office
Mr. J..D. Chamblee, Parks Maintenance Superintendent
Mr. Pierce Whitley, Asst. Gen. Mgr. of Parks
Mr. Stanley T. Martin, Asst. Gen. Mgr. of Parks
Mr. Bob Johnson, Chief Electrician
Mr. Fred Shepherd, City Architect
Mr. Eddie McLemore, Recreation Supervisor
Mr. Ron Ransom, Recreation Coordinator ~—

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