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The’ petitioners, EDWARD MOODY, 241 Doane Street, SW, Atlanta,
ues ts. ROBERT ALLISON, $14 McDaniel Street, SW, Atlanta, Georgia,
C. G. EZZARD, 245 Atlanta Avenue, SE, Atlanta, Georgia, NATHANIS
PROTHO, 639 Ira Street, SW, Atlenta, Gaorgia, GEORGE GRIER, 3°:3
Glenn Street, SW, Atlanta, Georgia, W. M. LEWIS, 711 Martin
Street, SE, Atlanta, Georgia, AVERY SHIELDS, ©8385 Smith Street,-

SW, Atlanta, Georgia, CLARK MARTIN, 1965 McDaniel Street, SW,
ied, Georgia, MAGGIE EVANS, 15y Little Street, SE, Atlanta,

Sovets, JOH STALLINGS, 101 Vanira Street, SE, Atlanta, ce&yia,
SAMUEL W./ COCHRAN, 137 Vanira Street, SE, Atlanta, Georgia, and
AUSTIN FORD, 1917 Ca, itol Avenue, SE, Atlanta, Seonsiie, ao hereby
associate themselves for the purpose of forming a noa-profit
corporation and res,ectfully shows to the Court the following:

That petitioners desire for themselves and their successors

to be incor, orated and made a body cor;orate as zrovided sy the

laws «of this State under the name aud stvle of

: ¢



For a .eriod of thirty-five (35) years with full rights of renewal
as ;,rovided by law with rrinci;le offices in Atlanta, Fulton

County, Georgia.



Tne object and pursose of said corporation is to engaje in

the rehabilitation, recair, improvement, construction, o;, eration

and management of dwellings units, so as to ;rovide adeguate and

+ .

Gecent housing facilities for low aad moderate income families
and citizens of Atlanta and its environs: In addition to enyage
in community action ,rograms involving the purchase lease anda

roverties for the purrcose of non-profit i rejects such

se — ie

sale cf

Page 2 :
as building co-ops, credit unions, and other simila Kr j-xoject

so as to im;


rove the slums and condition of low and moderate in-
come families and eitivens of Atlanta.

In order to properly prosecute their objects and purposes
above set forth, the consorattion shall have the full power and
authority to; . °

(a) to buy, own, lease and otherwise hire hold, encumber,
mortgage, sell, convey and otherwise Gispose of all kinds of
property, both real and personal; 7

(2) to borrow money and iseus evidences of indebtednass in
futherance of any and all of the objects of its business and
to secure the same by mortgage, pledge or other lein on the
property of the corporation;

(c) to enter into contracts or arrangements with any
Government or authority, national, state, munici;al, local or
otherwise conducive to and in futherance of the purposes of
this cor, oration, including the execution of a regulatory ayree-
ment with the Federal Housin g Authority, and Sf such other
instruments and undertaki ngs aS may be necessary to enable the

cor. oration to secure the benefits of financing with the assist-
ance of mortyage ineursnce and direct loans wider the ;rovision
of the National Housing Act;

(d) to do each and everything necessary suitable of ; roper
for the secontiet pment of any of the purposes of the cor voration;


Said. cor,oration is not organized and shall not we o;-erated
for pexcunlary gain or profit, and it shall have no capital stock.
No , art of the income of Assests of the cor; oration shall be
distributed, nor inure to the henefit of any individual.


Members of the corporation shall consist of the ,ersons


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hereinbefore naned as incor;orators and such other persons as
from time to time hereafter may become nemsexrs in the manner
provided by the ly-laws.
The governing, body of the corporation shall be the board

of Trustees consisting of not less than five members, no more
than fifty. The incorporations shall be the first members of the

board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees may by majority vote

have the »ower to adoot all rules and by-laws for the corroration
= = L

consistent with the charter and to conduct the affairs and
activities of the corporation. The Trustees shall be elected
by the members of the corsoration. The term of office for the
Trustees is one (1) year, and eShy Trustees may be removed from
office with or without cause by a vote.of a majority of the re-
maining Trustees,
The Officers of the coryoration shall pe a chairman of the
Board of Trustees, two-Vice-Chairman, a Secretary ana: Treasurer.
The Trustees may ap: oint such committees and create such other
officers as to them seem best and delegate to them such ;owers
and duties as in the discretion of the Trustees may seem

The corporation upon the vote of a majority of its Trustees
at the time, then in office shall have the cower to do and
perform any and all the powers conferred by this charter or te
laws of the State of Georgia, and shall. lixewise have all other

nd immunties which under the laws of


powers and privileges


the State of Georgia now or hereafter may be vested in similar


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WHEREFORE, :}.laintiffs pray;
(a) .that they may be incorporated under the name and style
aforementioned with all the rights, privileges, and immunties
hereinbefore set out, and such other ri

hts, powers, privileges

and immunties as may hereafter be conferred upon corporations


of like character under the laws of Georgia,

DR bet tt Alene

Robert B. Newman
Attorney for Petitioners

6S boys roe
G24 749


The foregoing petition having been read and considered,

and it-aps,earing to the Court that said petition is within
the »ervue and intent of the law in such cases made and
provided, and it further appearing to the Court that petitioners
have com:lied with all conditions precedent and all statutory
rejuirements applicable to such petitions:

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that said ,;etition de,

and the same is hereby granted and that petitioners and their
. : a


successors are hereby incorporated for the term of 35 years with
the right to renew this charter as provided by law, as a body
cor,orate under the name and style of MODEL NEIGHBORHOOD INC., .
without capitol stock and with all the ,owers, vrivileyes, and
immunties set forth in their .etition together with such other
rights, powers, privileges and immunties as may hereafter be
afforded by the laws of the State of Georgia to similar cor: orat-

This day of

. Judge, Fulton Superior Court
Atlanta Judicial Circuit
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