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565 Hill St. SE
Atlanta, Ga. 30312

Ivan Allen Jr., Mayor
J. C. Johnson, Director

TO : Dan Sweat
FROM : John E. Ferren

SUBJECT: Visit from Scott Rutherford of E.D.A.

On Monday, May 27, Scott Rutherford from E.D.A. in Washington
paid us a visit.

His main objective in coming to Atlanta was to investigate
Model Neighborhood, Inc. to see if there was any way that E.D.A.
could be of assistance. In doing this he checked with me and
the rest of the "team" to see what we were doing with Moody's
project. Upon learning that we hadn't done anything about it
other than to keep it under a watchful eye, he asked if we had
offered our services.

Tech and Jerry Horton both have offered their services to

Moody's group but Moody only responded to Tech's offer to
possibly make a feasibility study co-sponsored by Model Neighbor-
hood, Inc. and Lockheed. This is the only project which Moody
felt we could handle.

Moody has talked to Johnny Johnson, but when Johnny offered help
Mood said, "Man, we don't need your help. While you guys sit
around planning, we' out doin'!” So, that's where we stand at
present with Model Neighborhood, Inc.

The other thing we talked about with Scott was the problem of
contributed time. Roy Cooper laid all his cards on the table
with the help of me and Horton, only to learn that Scott didn't
know the technicalities of contract procedures and therefore,
could be of no help to us. He did say, however, that he would
put us in touch with E.D.A.'s legal department who would be most
knowledgeable about these things and they would be able to help
us find an solution. He felt sure that a mutual understanding
could be reached.

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