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To; Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
From: Dan Sweat

Subject: Edward Moody

Following is a list of events concerning Edward Moody and the develop-

ment cf Medel Neighborhood, Inc.

i. iMoody was permanently employed by the Parks Department as a
Community Recreation Leader on September 26, 1966. His salary
was $340.90 a month. He was dismissed on May 24, 1967. He
was dismissed because of conflict with the staff with which he was

- working. He was reassigned to another community center but
walked off the job. He was subsequently dismissed.

He was employed again by the City on March 5, 1968, as a
Community Worker on the Model Cities staff. His salary was
$240.00 a month. He was dismissed on May 14, 1968, for failure
to follow directions,

On January 18, 1968, the group known as Model Neighborhood, Inc.
(which was in its third year of existence) became a chartered non-
profit organization, after being advised to do so in order to be
eligible for federal grants, foundation funds and seed money from
different agencies to finance its programs and projects.

Edward Moody is ks and Bron Cleveland and Robert W. Waymer
are consultants.

Mayor Allen
Page Two .
July 1, 1969

4, On October 22, 1968, Mr. Moody received a letter from Johnny
Johnson informing him that his corporation, Model Neighborhood,
Inc., would receive $6,000 from the City of Atlanta's Model Cities
Program, It was an EDA grant for economic development in the
Model Neighborhood Area. This money was approved by the Model
Cities Executive Board, the Board of Aldermen and the Mayor.

5. In May 1968 MNI was granted a $10, 800 loan from the Trust Company
of Georgia to obtain an option on Atlanta Housing Authority property
at Georgia Avenue and McDaniel Street. See attached memo from
George Berry.

6. Economic Development Administration grant - totaling $121, 750 of
which 86, 780 is a federal cash contribution and 35,0900 comes from
the City of Atlanta (Technical Assistance Grant Project No. 04-6-09154) -
was given upon a strong recommendation of the Atlanta City Demonstration
Agency (check their letter to EDA of January 27, 1969).

Responsibilities of the corporation;

1, Outreach program - providing technical assistance to primarily
minority entrepreneurs ;

2. Planning and development of a shopping center or similar faciliti: 2
in the Model Cities Area.

The EDA grant was approved on May 13, 1969, by Robert A. Podesta
for a 12 month period. Atlanta CDA approval influenced this decision

7. The Small Business Administration approved a $50,000 loan to MNI
in June 1969 (last week) to be used in the development and operation of
the MNI manufacturing plant. The manufacturing plant is located on
Georgia Avenue and produces women's casual apparel.

8. The Steering Committee of the Mass Ccnvention met Tuesday, June 24,
1969, and voted 7 - 0 against the MNI grant request for $35,000 Model
Cities supplemental funds to match the EDA grant. Two members
abstained, six were absent.

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