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Model Neighborhood, Inc.
~00 McDaniel StEeet s.w.
Atlanta Georgia 30310
June 26, 1968
Mr. Howard Oppenshaw
Atlanta Housing Authority
824 Hurt Bldg.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
re: Tracts B-lOb,B-14
·near Sir:
Since we are in the slow process of finding tenants to
invest in the inner city, especially the major companies, we
must request an extension on our present option to aquire this
We have been infoimed that we are eligible for a possible
complete building lo a n from thi Small Business Administration,
and the Economic Developing Administrationo
This is our second-
choice source, our first being private enterprise, and community
owned developing.
We are
and groups.
receiv.1gg encouragement from interesting resources
However, our 5% bid deposit expires on July 13th~
Please reply as to our getting the extension on the 5%.
Edward Moody
Model Neighborhood, Inc.
EM :pr

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