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February 27, 1969


Mr. Edward Moody, Executive Director
Kodel Neichtorhood, Inc,

700 McDaniel Street, S. W.

Atlent>, Georgis 39310

Dear Mr. Moody:

This 4s in reply to your letter of December 31, 1943 indicating
that construction pl.ns for the proposed shopping center at Georgia
Avenue end HcDaniel Strest will be submitted within sixty days. ke
ere pleased with the progress you hive m-de in the prepsaraticn of these
plsna. .

Your proponat to tuy and redevelop disjosition parcels Be1lO
end Bel) in the Rawson-Usshington Urbsn Redevelopment Ares sccomp:.nicd
by a proposal Japoslt in the emount of $ 10,&00. CO wes scecepted by ths
Bo.rd of Commissioners of the Atlanta Housing Authority on May 22nd,
1968. upon tho-eondition. that tho-suthority receive evidence thst = Idan
‘pr han ee6 chtciced $3 waukucangansbies, Pollowing receipt of this
losn csmaittment «nd upon receipt of acceptcble working drewings of the
proposed development, the Authority will be in a position to convey title
to the property.

The City has requested the Authority to take whatever steps
necessary to complete this project at the earliest possible dste. We
are ost enxious to complete 211 activities by the end of 1969.

In order to close out this project, now in its ninth yetr of
execution, it is imperative thit the lend for the prosesed shopping
center be conveyed and construction sturted no leter than December, 1959.
Current acalnistrative ond interest costs for keeping the project open
exount to $16,935.C) per month.

In the event Nodel Neighborhood, Inc. is unable to meet the
eonditions cited zbove, please notify the Authority ct once so th t
your proposal deposit msy_bs returned and the Isnd re-offered for sale.


Mr, Edward Hocdy » o2~< Februsry 27, 1969

‘The Housing Authority is most syapsthetic with the concept
of resident involvement in the recevelooment of their neighborhoods and
wlll cooperete In «ny wey possible to echieva this worthy objective.
However, in view of the City's expressed desire to close out this pro-
ject st the earliest possible date, we-are-unable- to Lezve this natter
open indefinitely ,


Wo will eppreciate hearing from you and being edvised of the
present prospects of your obtaining the necesscry lozn comiltiment,.

Very truly yours ;

ae. | . | oe |

Howard Opensh:a
Director ef Redevelopnent

HO/ic 7 - i: *
ec; Mr, Rodney MH. Cook
Me, Charles L. Davis
ir, Collier Gl:din:
‘ Hr, Edwin L. Sterne
tr, Phillip vse |


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