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March 13, l 968
Attached is a c opy of the summary re c ommendations of the President' s
Commission on Civil Disorders.
lt is imperative th t th · City of Atlanta. not take this historic report
lightly. We must carefully review every recomm _ndation and t ke
whateveir action is :necessary to improve and protect the lives of all
our citizens .
I am. asking ach of you to make a thorough analyeis of the sections of
the report which fall within your are · of opei- ti.on. You are requ ated
to prep re a detailed course of action outlintpg those steps you intend to
take on all recommend t1ons which pply in the City of Atl nta.
Mos t of you w re lnvolv d last year in the development and xecutt-on
of a special progr m of coo,.-dinatlon of city ervices during the
ummel" months. The r sulte of that progi,-am were highly f vor ble.
It is imp rativ that we continue and expand the City Service
Program and discus what p ci!ic action we hould take on
the Commi ion• s r poi-t.
l ma ·king th t you m t with m Tuesd y, M rch 19, t 2:30 p. m.
in Committe Room 2, City Hall. At that tlm we will review wh t
cttons r bein t · k n to pi- vent civil di otd ir in Atl t .
Sine r ly yours ,
Allen, Jr.
M yot
AU ch d ls a U t ot th
~ - elv _ thi 1 tt r.
dep rtm nt
ho 1how.d
�3 :oD- \~~
1v 12 ss ev-n-9 ,. 0 _
(U2 :- ~
M r . K arl Bevins, T &affic Engineer
0 M r.
Henry Bowden, City Attorney
} Miss Virginia Carmichael, Recreation Director
M r. John Cox, Director , Atlanta Children and Youth Services Council
/ Mr . Charles Davis, Compti-oller
j Mr .
J a ck Delius, P arks D irector
)("' M r . Collier Gladin, Pla n n ing Director
/ c hief C. H . Hildebrand , F ire Chief
yMr. W illiam S . Howland , D ire cto1.", Citfaens Adviso:ry Committee on U r b an
v\ Renewal
}Mr. Ral ph Hulsey, Sanitary E ngin e e r
}chief Herbert J enkins, Police Chief
) Mr . Carl Johnson, F ulton County Man ger
/ Mr . Johnny John on, Di r ector of M odel Cities Progr am
v:>col. Malcolm J one s , Hou s ing Coor d in tor
. /Mr . Earl Lande r s , A r,ministr tiv
A si tant
Dr. John W . Let on, Supe rintendent, Atlant
} Mr.
Ray Nixon , Dir c t ol" of P ublic Wo rk
y' Mr . T . H . (Jim) P tha.m, Administra tor, Economic Opport uni ty
Atlant , Inc .
v' Mr. Johnny Robinson, Community Development Coordinat or
/ Mr. Cl'lton C .
Rochell, Dir ctor, Atlant Public Libr ry
M. B. Sattedi ld. Executiv
Director., Atlant
iso~y ~~ttee
J Mr. Dan Sweat, Dii-ectoi' of Governmental Liaison
/ 4r . Paul Weir, Gene.- I Manager of Water Dep rtment
Reverend Samuel Willi ms , Acting Ch irman, C ommunity Relations
. /Mr w William R . Wofford, Building Inspector
X General Willi
m R. Woodwal'd, Director, Atlanta Metropolitan
Area Civil Defense

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