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March 13, 1968


Attached is a copy of the summary recommendations of the President's
Commission on Civil Disorders.

It is imperative that the City of Atlanta not take this historic report
lightly. We must carefully review every recommendation and take

whatever action is necessary to improve and protect the lives of all
our citizens.

I am asking each of you to make a thorough analysis of the sections of
the report which fall within your area of operation. You are requested
to prepare a detailed course of action outlinjmg those steps you intend to
take on all recommendations which apply in the City of Atlanta.

Most of you were involved last year in the development and executivn
of a special program of coordination of city services during the
summer months. The results of that program were highly favorable.

It is imperative that we continue and expand the City Services
Program and discuss what specific actions we should take on
the Commission's report.

I am asking that you meet with me Tuesday, March 19, at 2:30 p.m.
in Committee Room 2, City Hall. At that time we will review what
actions are being taken to prevent civil disorders in Atlanta.

Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.

Attached is a list of the department and agency heads who should
receive this letter.

4:00- Ture

Qvess Cm -

¥ Mr. Karl Bevins, Taaffic Engineer
x Mr. Henry Bowden, City Attorney
_/Miss Virginia Carmichael, Recreation Director
iw Mr. John Cox, Director, Atlanta Children and Youth Services Council
JMr. Charles Davis, Comptroller
J/Mr. Jack Delius, Parks Director
4M. Collier Gladin, Planning Director

Jchief C. H. Hildebrand, Fire Chief

ioe William S. Howland, Director, Citizens Advisory Committee on Urban
Renewal ‘

Sas Ralph Hulsey, Sanitary Engineer
_/eniet Herbert Jenkins, Police Chief
./Mr. Carl Johnson, Fulton County Manager
J Mr. Johnny Johnson, Director of Model Cities Program
“Col. Malcolm Jones, Housing Coordinator
Mr. Earl Landers, Acministrative Assistant
7) Dr. John W. Letson, Superintendent, Atlanta PublicSchools

i Mr. Ray Nixon, Director of Public Works

uv Mr. T. H. (Jim) Parham, Administrator, Economic Opportunity
Atlanta, Inc.

(’ Mr. Johnny Robinson, Community Development Coordinator
SJ Mr. Carlton C. Rochell, Director, Atlanta Public Library

Jae. M. B. Satterfield, Executive Director, Atlanta Housing Authority

/ aN . “~,
st, Spbert Sostmervid, chateman,| Cited Advisory Committee
forUrhan Renewal a

—~ Mr. Dan Sweat, Director of Governmental Liaison

Ale. Paul Weir, General Manager of Water Department

Reverend Samuel Williams, Acting Chairman, Community Relations

/Me. William R. Wofford, Building Inspector

x General William R. Woodward, Director, Atlanta Metropolitan
Area Civil Defense

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