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-The Fire Departmen_t has taken the necessary action to implement
·the following programs:
Publication of a brochure that will outline the responsibilities
of each Division of the Fire Department to explain their
functions and to emphasize to the citizens of these areas that
the Fire Department .e xists for only one purpose - the protection
of life and property of all citizens. This booklet will contain
such information as the requir ements for employment, the
training, and benefits derived from being employed by the
City of Atlanta Fire Department, an open invitation to all ·
personnel to visit the ir Fire Department, how to report a
fire, how to obtain emergency responses, the need for protecting fire apparatus, many fire prevention steps to be taken
by each citizen, and an explanation that the Fire Prevention
Bureau is available to assist any group by making Fire
Prevention talks, demonstrations, and showing of film.

A program of visitation into various communities for the purpose
of distribution of Fire Prevention literature, demonstrations of
fire equipment, and providing for dwelling inspections on request.
During the inspection an invitation will be extended to resid ents
to visit the ir community Fire Station.
Merit Badges will be purchased and maintained at each Fire
Station in sufficient quantities to give to all children visiting
the Fire Station, along with the comment that in .. receiving this
badge they are assuming a helpful citizen's rol e in as sis ting
the Fir e Department in preventing fir e s.
Coordinati on with the Water Department and Parks D e p artment
in providing street showers for childr en in these a1·eas utili z ing
the fire hydrants.
Assignment of a coordinator to coope rate fully with City S ervic es
Coordinators in answering complaints and grievances tha t come
under the jurisdiction of the Fir e Department.
Provide prompt response to all alarms.

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