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October 6, 1969

To: '_ Mayer Allen
From: Dan Sweat

Subject: Proposed $100, 000 Park Project

We have been unable to secure what we feel are good recommendations for
projects through the usual sources and have, therefore, taken the liberty
of making these recommendations ourselves.

In suggesting possible projects we are somewhat at a disadvantage in

not knowing the feelings of the donor. For example, is he motivated by
charitable considerations which would lend itself to a project in some
disadvantaged area? Is he motivated by artistic considerations? Historical
considerations? Does he wish the project to be a memorial to himself

or his family?

In the event that the City were to receive an unanticipated $100, 000 grant,
it would be our hope that these funds could be spent in the downtown area
for the benefit and enjoyment of all Atlantans. Our central city is short

of landmarks and beauty spots even though we have had a program of ,
beautifying small parcels around the city in recent years. For this reason,
we have suggested several projects that would lend character and idenfi-
fication to the downtown areas.

In addition, we have suggested two small park projects to serve specific

Central City Projects

1. The redevelopment of the Pershing Point Park at the intersection of the
Peachtrees. Even though this has been publicly announced, it is unfunded
and, considering other priorities, it will probably not be built for

i nie

Memo to Mayor Allen
Page Two
October 6, 1969

s sometime, The plans that the Park Engineers have developed are
imaginative. This park will be a Hurt Park" type focal point in what
is already a substantial neighborhood of new office buildings, restaurants,

2. Beautification of Five Points, Not just a few trees, but a real effort
to convert the area into a landmark area. New sidewalks... imaginative
redesign of the traffic islands with plantings, etc., new gas light lamps
such as those used in Underground Atlanta. . . some sort of statuary
or art work that would create the attention (to a lesser degree) as
does the Picasso in Chicago. One problem here might be space, but
the closingof the short traffic lane between the traffic island and the
William Oliver Bubiding and the Bank of Georgia Building so as to
create a plaza might be feasible,

3. Purchase and beautify the old filling station site (now, in effect, a
traffic island) at Memorial and Central. This intersection is a major
entrance into the downtown area, especially the governmental section,
This project has been proposed in the five-year capital improvement
program, but no provisions have been made for funding the project in
the foreseeable future.

4, Conversion of Currier Street. This street is just two blocks long
running from Peachtree to Piedmont at the Auditorium and Exhibit
Hall main entrance. This could be abandoned as a street and converted
to a park-like mall for pedestrian traffic from Peachtree into the Civic
Center Complex. The only problem is that thie street borders the rear
of the property proposed as the new Greyhound Bus Terminal and also
the existing parking and service facility for the Atlanta Transit System,

5. Purchase of a historic house for renovation and preservation. Atlanta
is short on such historic featuges, The ante-bellum Judge house on
Fairburn Road is a possibility. The Col..L.P. Grant home on St. Paul
Avenue, S,E. is probably too far gone. The historical society could
recommend one.

6, Beautification of Marietta Street between Five Points and Spring. This
wide street has perhaps the best potential of any other street in the centra
business district and already includes the distinctive Henry Grady
monument, An imaginative median could be designed . ..:a gas light
therne could be continued up from Five Points. . . trees and other
plantinge could be provided such as was done along Peachtree at Peachtree
Center. . . perhaps a fountain.

Memo to Mayor Allen
Page Three
October 6, 1969



A focal point such as the St. Louis Arch, Atlanta's could be an
artistic conception of the ''Phoanix Rising'' as is depicted on the

Seal, It should be of iropressive size and placed in a location that
would command attention, Inside or in connection with the Interchange
might be a good place if it could be worked out. One other possible
place would be the area of the Brookwood Interchange on either the
vailroad property or on Atlantic Steel property if arrangements could
be made,

Neighborhood Projects

Bevelopment of a small neighborhood park on the property located at
White Street and Rose Circle in Southwest Atlanta, This property is
just on the edge of the West End Urban Renewal Project, but not
major redevelopment in this area is in the plans. Because it is in
the redevelopment area, however, the property can be dedicated to
the City and all of the funds can go into improvements.

Development of a play lot in the Lincoln Homes area of northwest
Atlanta. This is on public housing property and can also be dedicated
so that all of the donated funds can be used for development.


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