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Box 15, Folder 11, Document 16

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.The City Parks Department will operate approximately 134 centers,
schools, playgrow1ds and parks. Heavy emphasis will be placed on
teenage activities , such as social dances, civic councils, field trips
to our Lake Allatoona property, and work experiences . Every
neighborhood has been carefully inventoried fro1n the viewpoint of
the availability of either a school or a park and recreation facility.
· It is anticipated that not all of the currently existing forty odd playlots
will be staffed; however, those not staffed will ·b e adjacent to operational
Heavy emphasis will be placed on e1nployment using in-school and
out-of-school Neighborhood Youth Corps enrollees, as well as additional
young people who come from disadvantaged areas.
The entire summer program will be heavily publicized, using all news
media and, if necessary, paid advertisements in the press.
The Parlts Department will attempt
going some twelve hours a day, six
recreation and cultural enrichment,
identifiable neighborhood within the
to have a comprehensive program
days a week that will provide
as well as education in every
target areas •

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