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·The Street Maintenance Division of the Construction Department will
implement plans for resurfacing the following streets:
Summe rhill, Grant Park, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Adair Park,
Pittsburgh, Chosewood Park, Highpoint and Joyland, South Atlanta, and
Lakewood Heights:
Boulevard, S. E.
- Confederate Avenue to Memorial Drive
Pryor Street, S. W.
- Geor g ia Avenue t o Ridge Avenu e
Meldon Avenue, S, W.
- Capitol Avenue to Pryor Road
Middleton Street, S. W.
- Meldon A venu e to Bullock Street
Stillman Street, S. E.
- Lakewood Avenue to Lakewood T e rrac e
Buena Vista Street, S. W.
- Pryor Street to Fortress Street
Park Ave nue, S. E.
- M emoria l Drive to I-20
Park Avenu e , S. E.
- B e rne Street to Glenwood Avenu e
Bass Street, S. E.
- McDani e l Street to Coope r Stre e t
Sydne y Street, S. E.
- Che roke e Avenue to P a rk Avenue
Taft Street, S. W.
- Thornton Place eas t to end of street
Bipp Street, S. W.
- 250 feet eas t of Aiken Stree t - 1, 000 feet
Aike n Street, S. W.
- Thornton Street to Hipp Street
Thornton .Street, S. W.
- Thornton Place eas t to end of pavement
U pshaw Street, S. W .
- East Aiken Street - 1, 000 feet west
�Public Works Department
Page Two
Edgewood and Kirkwood:
Arizona Avenue, N. E.
- DeKalb Avenue south to end of street
Hallman Street, N. E.
- Warren Street to Howard Street
Saunders Street, N. E.
Boulevard Drive to Hallman Street
Caroline Street, N. E.
- Moreland Avenue to Marion Place
Mortimer Street, S. E.
- Arkwright Plac e to Wylie Street
Merlin Avenue, S. E.
- Moreland Avenue to Battlefield Avenue
Wrenwood Place, N. E.
- Hardee Street to Wrenwood Drive
Screven Street, N. E.
Locust Stre e t, N. E.
Boulevard Drive to Hardee Street
- College Avenue to Trotti Street
Glen Iris, Bass Community, Cabba ge tow n-R e ynoldst'aw n:
Edgewood Av e nue , N. E.
- P ea chtr ee Str eet to Hurt Str eet
Angier Avenue , N. E.
- Pine Street to North A venue
Samps on Street, N. E.
- Irwin Street to E as t Av e nue
Auburn A v enu e , N. E.
- R andolph Street to Irw i n Stree t
Harra lson Av enu e , N. E.
- DeKalb A venue to Alta Ave nue
�Public Works D e p a rtme nt
Page Thre e
En glish Ave n u e a nd Vine City:
Jone s Av enue , N. 1V .
- Marie tta Str eet to Northside Driv e
Neal Str ee t, N. W.
- Ashby Str eet to Griffin Str eet
Western A ve nue , N. W.
- Vine Stree t to Gr a y Stre e t
Johns Str ee t, N. W.
Simpson Str e et, N. W.
Northsid e Drive to Gray Street
- Northsid e Driv e to Elliott Stre e t
Haynes Stre e t, S. W. /N. W. - Peters Str eet to Simpson Stre e t
Che stnut Str eet, N. W.
Bankhea d A ve nue to J e ffe rson Str eet
Mitchell Str ee t, S. W.
- Ashby Str ee t to J e ptha Str eet
Beckw ith Str e e t, S. W.
- Ashby Str eet to Walnut Str eet
Lena Street, N. W.
- Ashby Str ee t to Ollie Str ee t
Watt s Ro a d, C a r e y and Almon d P a r _k , C e nte r _Hill, Dix i e Hills, Grove
Park a n d H unte r Hill s and W es t ern A venue :
Hightowe r Ro a d, N. W .
Hollyw ood R oad, N . W .
Jack s on P arkway to Hollyw ood Ro ad
- John s on Ro ad t o H ightower Ro a d
Rive rs ide, Chatta hooche e , Lin coln H omes, S cott s C ross i ng , B olton,
H i lls P ark and P e rry Home s , R o ckd a l e :
Main Stre e t , N . W.
- Hollyw o od Ro a d south 1, 791 feet
,;. t
· Chur ch Str eet , N. W.
- M a in St ree t wes t to end of s tr eet
�Public Works Department
Page Four
Burtz Street, N. W.
-- Hollywood Road west to end of street
Wales Avenue, N. W.
- Whittier Avenue to Spad Avenue
Spad Avenue, N. W.
- Wales Avenue to Parrott Avenue
Whittier Avenue, N. W.
- Maco Street to Wales Avenue
Macaw Street, N. W.
- Whittier Avenue west to end of street
Maco Street, N. W.
- Whittier Avenue to Bolton Road
Butler Way, N. W.
- Parrott Avenue to Wales Avenue
Layton Avenue, 'N. W .
- Butler Way to Spad Avenue

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