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o ,rector
April 2 1 1968
Mayor Ivan Allen , Jr.
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georg ia
Dear Mayor Allen:
Pursuant to your guidance at the organizational meeting of
the Advisory Committee on Civil Disorders held in the City
Hall March 19, 1968, and to c are ful reading of Chapters 10
and 17 of Repor t o f the.National Advisory Commission on
Civil Disorders, I have reached the conclusion that the
City Personnel Department for several years gradually has
been putting into practice most of the recommendations of
the Commission pertaining to emp loyme nt. I agree, however ,
that other steps s hould be t aken and h a v e prepared two
recomme nd a tion s , one th a t r equires action a nd money from
the Mayor and Board of Aldermen . Both require coope ration
from all departments of the City governme nt.
Thoug h it is true that the obj ec tive of the City Pers onne l
Departme nt to provide the City government with the best
qu a lifie d personnel available and to do so by ope ration of
a compe titive merit system d es igned to give priority to the
b es t qualified applic ants , the Civil Se rvice Act is suffici ently f l e x ible to provide for certain type s of temporary
employme nt in th e uncla ss ified service . The Ci v il Service
Act also giv e s th e Pe rsonnel Dir e ctor wide latitude in es t ablishing r e quir e me nt s f or applic a nt s , and I have e xer ci sed
th e authority given me to a dju s t standards to mee t conditions that h a v e confronte d the City government during the
past s e veral y e arso
Re qui reme nt s h a v e b een r e du ced f o r n ear ly a ll cl asses o f
jobs o Es t abli s h me n t o f mi nimum s t and ards i s a v o ide d as
�Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
April 2, 1968
much as deemed practicable, and for most jobs the word
"desirable" has been subs tituted for "minimum" in listing
education, training, and experience standards. Performance
tests hav e replaced written . te sts wherever practicable.
With approval of the Personnel Board, employment of personnel with criminal records has been liberalized except for
positions concerned with law enforcement, working with
children in the schools and recreation departments, and in
other positions of trust and responsibility. Upon the
recommendation o f state and county parole authorities, we
have approved employment of parolees with good prison deportment records.
The age limits have been lowered to 20 for Police Patrolmen,
18 for Firemen, and 17 for clerical and unskilled p ersonne l.
Locker attendant s a nd life guards may b e employed a t age 16.
Few job classes have maximum age limits except tho~e set by
statute. Though there is reluctance by many department
heads to employ personne l above age 40, considerable numbers
above age 50, and several above age 60, hav e been employed.
As you are aware , since Janu ary 1, 1962, Negroes, whose ap plications prior to this time were accepted only for entrance
level jobs, have been encouraged to apply for all classes of
jobs, and many have been employed in jobs the entrance
The Pers onnel Training Coo rdinator with the cooperation o f
the Public Works Department has established a training
program for truck driver aspirants, enabling both White and
Negro Laborers and Waste Coll ectors to be tr ained and to
meet th e requireme nts for promotion. This program will be
Also, with the cooperation of th e Atlanta Public Schools,
a training program for first level supervisory p e rsonnel
has b e en established to upgrade the qualifications of incumbents of first l eve l supervisory positions and to qu a li fy
applicants f or promotion to th ese positions.
�Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
April 2, 1968
The Personnel Training Coordinator also planned and organized
with the cooperation of the Sanitary Department (now the
Sanitation Division of the Public Works Department) the Atlanta Beautification Corps, a federally financed program
under the sponsorship of Economic Opportunity Atlanta. This
program employs approximately fifty disadvantaged persons
ranging from age 18 to age 68 and is composed of about 88%
women, largely Negro. Mr. Farrow still exercises overall
supervision o f this program. Numerous favorable comments
concerning the deportment and accomplishments of this group
have b een received from interested citi zens and pe rs onnel of
the City government. Mr. Farrow reports that if funds were
available 1 several hundred additional · personnel could be
employed in the Atlanta Beautification Corps with advantage
to both the employees and the City.
The positive actions referred to above have done much to
provide career opportunities for disadvantaged minorities 1
but much still needs to be done. Two programs prepa red by
members of my staff ; outlines of which are attached hereto 1
are proposed to assist in implementation of some of the employment objectives of the Report of the National Advisory
Commis sion on Civil Diso rders. These programs would provide
employme nt opportunities for approximately 200 dis advantaged
apJ. 16:20, 29 December 2017 (EST)
Dir e ctor of P ersonne l
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