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Federa ll_y_Fun ded Progam
The appro ximate ly 75 federally fund ed "job slots" bein g made available to
the City of Atlanta for the Summer by Economic Opportunity Atlanta and continuing employment of "hard-core" unemp loye d youth c an be utili zed by the various
departments as outlined rough l y on th e attached listing . Mo re th an 100 persons
have been reques t ed by reportin g dep a rt men ts and, if additional federal funds
are allocated, other job slots c an be developed by a follow-up of previo us oral
and written communi cations with the various depar t men ts.
For maximum success in this endeavor, based on unfortunate experience
in a somewhat large r and rnore ambitious pro gram three years ago,, th e following
sugges tions are made :
That screening and selective placement be effected by the City
Personne l Depart men t after initi a l screening by the va rious
Neighborhood Youth Center referrin g a gencies .
That no more th an five enrollee s be ass i gned to a qualified,
informe d, and concerned supervisor for counselling purposes.
(New jobs with N.Y.C .. , at level above enrollee)
That a re gular weekly group session for all these summer enrollees-plus all of th e pre sent ly e nrolled N.Y.C. workers -- be instituted
as an important, int egral, required prog ram ph ase . Groups could
visit various City faciliti es by prope r advance planning ; and civic,
civil, and social a menities could be the indirect· objective.
That Rule 59, Labor Laws of Georgia, 196 3 edition, relating to the
liftin g of 30# or more for minors and women be modi fied to allow
less r es tricte d e mployr:1ent o f you ths a ge 16 and 17. (Mr . Murray
Silve r, State Labor De partment Attorne y, Februar~ 5, 1968 , advised
tha t s uch modification was to b e effected.) I have r eques ted ass i stance of the State Commissioner of Labor in securing a libera li za tion
of th i s restrictive rule.
Exis~~l!.8 Job Vacancies
Conside r a tion is be in g give n to ,~1 e the r it is fea s ible or l egal to pos tpone for the duration of the s umme r months the e s tablishment of civil servic e
re gisters i n cl ass e s sucl1 as Auditorium Utility Worker I, Au to motive Serviceman I,
Clerk, Community Re creation Leade r, Enginee rin g Aide I, In cine r ator Ope rator I,
Semi-Skille d Worke r, Trea t ment Plant Ope r a tor , Zoo Attend ant , Labore r, and Was t e
Colle ctor so th a t a s many as poss ible of such pos ition s may b e fill e d by unemploye d youth.
Other Recommendations
It is suggested that certain programs, such as the City's federally
funded ABC program be expanded into a variety of community service areas
or into existing City service programs ; e . g., nursery service programs or
Zoo · staffing subqrdinate assignments. These expanded programs would enable
employme nt of female older workers who are family breadwinners. Their
employment on a regular basis would begin to establish the necessary
stability in the family unit.

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