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October 23, 1969




F. PIERCE WHITLEY OO? Jimmie Mims, Assistant Director of Recreation

" i
RL W. RYALS, JR. . -
SR. ADMIN. ASSISTANT FROM: Jack C. Delius, General Manager eA

Sede ewe SUBJECT: Recreation Assistance to Fayette, Mississippi -
' Mayor Charles Evers

Berta Frizzell has checked the airlines and finds that
Delta flies into Natchez, Mississippi which is the
nearest airport apparently to Fayette, Mississippi. The
transportation roundtrip tourist class is $115.50. I
will request for you this amount of money plus $25.00
per diem expense for the one night you probably will.
stay and $25.00. travel expense for a total request of

$165.50. I make reference on the request for travel
expenses to the fact that Mr. Dan Sweat has asked us to
give assistance to Fayette, Mississippi.

As to the cost of construction of the recreation building-
gymnasium and other items, I held a meeting this morning
with the Park Engineers and we came up with some rough
ballfield prices. First of all, a recreation building
that would include a regulation college type basketball
court with two small courts crosswise, rollaway bleachers,
a recreation or multi-purpose room, a library, dance
studio, locker room, showers, etc.,'as well as a special
club and trophy room would certainly add up to at least
12,000 square feet. I have analyzed the square footage
in several of the better gymnasium-recreation building
complexes in Georgia such as Dalton and East Point and
find they run slightly over 12,000 square feet. The
Park Engineers have estimated cost of construction of
this type of building at about $20.00 per square foot
and so you could say that this building, less land,
would cost between $200,000-$240,000. Now, that figure

- would not include the cost of installing lockers, etc.

Jimmie Mims
October 23, 1969

As to an outdoor recreation area, the information we
have from Fayette, Mississippi is rather nebulous. The '
cost of a multiple purpose game court is running about
$3,500 each here in Atlanta. It can be done out of
conerete and you could skate on it and have other activities
requiring a hard. surface such as basketball, etc. Basketball
courts are also running about $3,500 each; badminton
courts about $3,000 each, volleyball courts about $3,000,
and double court tennis facilities about $7,000. The
engineers estimate that outdoor handball courts properly
constructed and fenced would run about $2,000 each. The
cost of constructing a baseball.diamond, soccer field,
quarter mile cinder track, archery range and horseshoe
pits, if in fact the land is fairly level and requires
little grading, would run about $25,000 including the
lighting. It is worth noting that we have spent up

to $15,000 for just the light for a large baseball
diamond. As to the campsites, they run about $500 each.
Outdoor toilet facilities are shockingly expensive. We
have spent up to $20,000 for ladies and mens restrooms.
However, the engineers think that from $8,000-10,000
would cover this item. Mississippi might want to build
their own or consider buying one already pre-fabricated
from Super Secure in California. You will recall that
we have used Super Secure at Anderson and Bedford-Pine.
The water fountains ccst $160.00 each plus installation
and water pipe. We are not sure about item 7 "The
outdoor area which should be lighted" and thus we are
refraining from giving any sort of price. We really
don't know what size area they are talking about. The
last item, number 8, calls for construction of a strong
fence around the entire playarea. A six foot fence of
reasonably sturdy gauge runs about $4.00 a foot installed.
In other words, a 100 feet would cost $400.00; a 1,000
feet, a $1,000.00.

I am sending Dan Sweat a copy of this memorandum and have
a call into him at this time to ask him whether I should
proceed to make a request for your travel expenses.

JCD: bf

ce: Dan Sweat

Dan: Jimmie Mims is on a very badly needed vacation
and will be back on duty Monday, October 27, and
could leave most anytime after that SOF the _

to Fayette.

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