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Ailanta 3, Georgia

March 26, 1968


Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., and

Advisory Committee on Civil Disorders
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sirs:

Below is an outline of those steps our department
plans to put in effect for the summer, 1968. Tney have been
approved py Chief H. T. Jenkins and we believe they will
reduce tension and possible civil disordars in Atlanta.

Tne report ox tne National Advisory Commission on
Civil Disorder has said, "Preserving civil peace is tne first
responsibility of the governme ut.'* This we plan to do. In
addition, we plan to use our Crime Prevention Bureau officers
in each ©.0.4. Center to assist tnese people with any city
problem. If an area need tne services or the Sanitary Depart-
ment, Housing enforcement or any other, our men are being
instructed to assist in every way. They also work with scunool
counselors on absent students and drop-outs, assist adults and
youths with employment, hardsiiip céses, sickness, Stas
complaints on police services, missing persons, community
civic and recreational activities, and investigate rumors,
Crime Prevention officers are assigned to walking beats in
slum areas to keep in touch with residents.

We understand tiere will be 62 schools, 40 parks
and 20 pley lots available this summer. To police all of
these projects, tne 65 community service officers recommended
by tne comnission will be needed when tiuese projects open.

We have a Task Force of 40 ofi.icers commanded by a
negro captain. Tney are assigned to tiese same areas to give
tne law abiding citizens a good tough police service. They
work from 4:50 P.M. to 12:30 A.M. “nis force ot men know
tne cowmunity, tneir lanzuage and”habits. Tney will know when
tensions run high in tueir area. These nen are selected fox
this type duty and must nave good reputations in tne neigabor-

Se at Lak

: Marcn 26, 1968
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In tne event ot any tense situation, we plan to
move the entire Crime Prevention Bureau into tiie area. We
hope with tue knowledge tney nave or tne area and tne people
tney know, tuey will ve esle to relieve the situation. If
not, tie Task Force will follow. Iz tuese rail, the Riot
Squad will be brovsit in.


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