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Box 15, Folder 11, Document 45

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lo Assign Arvell Crowe as our representive on the task force, his job will
be to coordinate this progrs.m with the neighborhood coordin ator or his
representive. He will supervise the efforts of the Sanit nuy Division in
the 6 areas involvedo Must be auailable at all times.
2o Arrange for a trash pickup twice weekly in these areas, or whenever
it is needed~
3o Arrange for garbage pickup twice weekly, plus arrangeme~ts for emergency
Arrange for brooms to sweep the streets at least once a week,· more often
if neededo Make use of water wagon to wash the streetso Cooperate with
the f3olice L·epartment in removing ab andonded cars from the streets o
5o Remove abandonded autos whe~ever we c an locate the owner and secure
a release from him, this is per instructions of the City Attorneyo
60 Cooperate with E0A to coordinate cleanup of vacant lots and private
property. Intensi~y the ABC & :NYC progr ams o
7o Cooperate with the Atlanta Children & Youth Service Council in the
Rodent Control program i n these areaso We wi ll train 5 of their people
to act as sanitary supervisors and these will supervise crews of 8
persons ea ch to clean up vacant lots and private reside~ces.
8 o Make an effort to put into operation Opera ti on Scrubv1hi c h will be an
extra effort in these lire as, ~ t Y!i.11 supp lement the summe r p1°ogra r.1
~me, eventua.lly be made a permen ent program in these areas

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