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126 Carnegie Way, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Carlton C. Rochell, Director - Mary Louise Rheay, Assistant Director


April 1, 1968

Present Library Services to Disadvantaged A;eas

The library branches or bookmobile is currently serving the following
communities within the EOA poverty areas:

Community Branch Library Booluiobile Stop
West Central
Almond and Carey Park Bowen Homes
Grove Park Dogwood Branch
Dixie Hills Shopping Center
Pittsburgh Humphrey Street
Peoplestoiwm South Branch
South Atlanta Carver Homes

Hign Pte and Joyland Carver Homes
High Pte and Joyland

Northwest-Perry Homes
Perry Homes Perry Homes
East Central

Glen Iris Capitol Homes


Bass Community Inman Parl


Kirkwood 2s Kirkwood Branch

West Hunter Branch is
located on edge of area


IIe The Library will continue to act as resource for other agencies in the area,
supplying books, films, records, etc., to any agency requesting theme

IIIe Proposed Program
Ac. Children's Programs

A workshop in the "art of storytelling" sponsored by the Emory
University Division of librarianship and Atlanta University School
of library Service in cooperation with the Atlanta Public Library,
the DeKalb Library System and the Atlanta Children and Youth Ser-
vices Council is currently in progresse

At the termination of the 8-week course qualified storytellers who,
in return for the free training program will volunteer their time to
tell stories to children on the bookmobiles, at the branch libraries,
in the comnunity school program or EOA Centers. Storytellers will:
be scheduled as needed with particular emphasis on placement in
disadvantaged communities.

The entire program is still dependent on the number of volunteers

who will be available at the conclusion of the course in storytelling.
Approximately 125 people have registered to date in the 13 locations
where the course is presently being conducted.

Be Adult Programs

A bookmobile program labeled "The Indian Giver*® will be in operation
by this sumer to distribute books on a "readum-'n-swapum' basisSe

The unit will remain in an area from 6:00 peme to 9:00 peme in order
to better serve adult "working people's’ needs. During this period

a film program will be shown in a nearby neighborhood centere EOA
poverty areas already designated for this program are; Mechanics-~
ville, Summerhill, Grant Park and Bedford Place. Two full-time

staff members have already been assigned to this program but at least
oO additional hours are needed to effectively expand the program in
additional arease

Ce Future Procrans

Funds were made available some time ago for a touring theatre or

- cCinemamobile to present films and story hours to children in areas
-too far from branches or at branches without suitable facilities.
Manufacturing of this custom-made vehicle has rendered it impossible
to have it in operation before early next yeare

Investigations have revealed that a similar vehicle which could bs
easily adapted for our use is available for purchase at a cost in
excess of our present budget. If a larger grant was aval lable to
make up the difference between funds allocated and those needed the
cinemamobile could be in operation by Juns to serve a large number of
additional communities. Forty (0) additional hours would be needed
to effectively operate for the sunmer.

As an alternative, if an Atlanta Transit Bus and driver were provided
to meet this much needed vehicle problem any number of additional

programs could be conducted.


De Inner City Public library Service

An experiment in using library school students in branch libraries
has resulted in a proposal. for a long-range program to service the
inner city disadvanteged areae Application has been made for fund-
ing threugh Title III, Interlibrary Cooperation of the Library
Services and Construction Acte

The branch libraries in disadvantaged areas will remain essentially
as study centers at the close of the school day for children who
have severe lini.tations in such facilities at homee Library school
students from Atlanta University and Hnory University will make it
possible to provide additional hours open in branch libraries and
study centers in the neighborhoods for this purpose. School libra~
ries in the area willassist perscnnel from public library to inform
students of these centers and provide coordination between school
and public library in prograns and collections.

Ee Deposits ef Books

Investigation is underway as to the feasibility of depositing paper-
back books in Neighborhood Centers, Recreation areas, etce Space
for and circulation of these materials must be planned with the
cooperating agencies.

Functions at Main Library

The Main Library will continue to act as an agency through which programs
can be planned. Groups may be brought to the library for "Monday Morning
Movies," group tours, as well as providing the normal services of supplying
films, art prints and reference services to individuals.

Our Children's Department will continue to encovrege children to earn a
certificate for reading 12 books under our Read-All-Year Programe We will
continue also to encourage "Head Start" to bring groups to the Main Library
for picture book hour, storytelling, which is now a very popular service.
In addition the Vagabond Merionettes will be sent to 5 branch libreries in
disadvantaged arease Our traveling storyteller will also continue retation
of storyhours at Decatur Street, Vine City, Georgia Avenue, Hunt Street

and Simpson Streete






Equipment $ 33000¢00
(additional cost for cinemamobile)

Personnel 1,440.00
(additional hours for "The Indian Giver" and”
cinenamobile - @0 hrs. a week at $1.50 an hre
for 12 weeks)

Materials 2,000 00
(tocks, films, etc. for deposit in EOA Centers, etc.)

$ 6,110.00

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