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. Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Paschal
lfo.rch 22» 1968
The Honorable Iv.-.n Allen, Jr., tayor
City of Atlanta
AtlDnta , Georg i2
Dec:r Ivan :
In c:innecti.c•n with th e foplcmenta.tion of th e hous i ng phase of t he
Riot I,cpol:·t, \ :e sug3est tl-;e foJ.loi:ing:
1 . A p e rt;onal le:ttr~x' frorn you to all developcr•s w!io 1:c::ve not
hro}~en grour,G UP5 i r,s; th c,rn to get r.10ving . Colone l Jon es c an
supp ly you ,-: i t h tLe m :~-;C:s .
2. Call en tte Al~c1~1~nic Loar~ to r evise th e City Buildi~f
Coc.e to confor·;:i .:ith t ~e Fc:t ion.J. l ?uildinz CoJ 0, t~iw; u ,ablh'ig
les s expt:1:sivc co1~:-;tructi c n.
3. As k th e Atla nt« Eousin?, Autho~'ity to t c-iKG 1, 000 of tr:e
unit s 110 ;1 to b;:: c:ev'9l o;-i"'d l:,y t r,c turi"iL'-"Y proc ess and r ev8:i:'t
to the old m€:thod of buildinr, t nc.:i u t1i;,z, t ;-,e Autho1·it:y.
It is in t1~e a!'~a of pu::ilic Lous inz vnit.:; t~:at ;.;e .rirc behinc.
your s c~1·2dule .
12nd u ~c :112.n to '"irlclu<le r:or1e r:01-'\e
and ~-tr.::tncr ic a r eas for hous i r.7. . Tl icn c a ll on the Alden.1anic
Board to a<lo? t the fir s t ~hasc of the Dastcr pl a n as a new
zcnln_z; Ol'dir:2~C!! .
I'.cvi c:-1 tf, e nc',1 r.1i:12.ter'

5 . Appo h:.t a c c:-.-:r~i tt (! e of tl-,e Alc.:-2 1"t!2.1J i c ?oc1rd to ckal with

hot1sing .

I ha v e dl s c 1.1.3se d the::::e l ~st t~w .i.t~ms with ?-0dney Cook .

6. Ask T,~c Burge to a,; nolmce 1.:~~ f or-r~t1 tion o f t1'.e n on-profit
llousi1~g fund. I u n<lerstznd thls i3 Jc!'e tty w0 ll 1i1--,ed up.
�Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Pasch2.l
liarch 22p l%S
P.:ige 2 - The Honor u.blc Ivan Allen, J l', -
If you wcJ.nt to d5.~cuss cny of these suie estions call o;i me.
Cecil A. Alexa~der
~r. Dan E. Sweat, Jr.
l'. r. !:a lcoJ.m D. Jones /

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