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N. W. Perry Area - 17 sep ara t e Youth Oppor tunity Pr ogr am activiti e s; t wo are
pr iva tely sponsored (Viking , Ne i ghborhood Serv ice Center) and the other fif t e en
are sponsored by the City. These include five schools and ten rec r ea tiona l
projects,including play1e t s and school grounds.
West Central - Ther e will be 21 : sep arate a ctivities planned. Two are private
( Neighborhood Service Center and Chur ch of Master s), and 19 are city-sponsor ed
projects - seven school and 12 rec r ea tiona l activ ities.
Na sh Washing ton - There wi ll be 21 separat e activities, five being pr iva te
(Neighbor hood Se r vic e Center, Roya l Kn i gh t , Vine City, Ralph Robinson Boys'
Club, Ge orge Washing ton Carve r Boys ' c i ub). Six teen are sponsor ed py s even
schools and nine rec reationa l activities.
Central City - The r e are eleven separa te activities pl ann ed, four privately
sponsore d (Centra l City Neighborhood Ser vice Center, Bellwood Sa lva tion Army
Boys' Club, Centra l YMCA, Central YWCA). Seven a r e city sponsor ed - fiv e school
and two recrea tion.
East Centra l - Ther e a r e 38 separa te activities planned, nine pr ivate and 29
city. The public activities represent ten schools and 19 recreat iona l activiti e s.
The priva te pr ojects a r e the Atlanta Youth Development Center, Area Block 11 E11 ,
Mennonite House, Gra dy Homes Girls' Club, Grady Home s Boys' Club, Butler Street
YMCA, Cabbage Town, Vista, and S. E. Branch Girls Club .

Edgewood Area - Ther e a r e t wenty s epa rate a ct i vities. Seven are priva t e ly
spons or ed, thes e by Ne ighbor hood Service Cen t er , DeKalb YWCA, Ea stside Boys'
Club and Eastside YMCA. The public are seven school s and six r e creation
Sum-Me e - The r e are 23 s e pa r a te activities, fou r are priva tely sponsor ed,
(Neighbo r hood Se rv ice Center, Young Men 's Civ ic Lea gue, Mechanics ville
Adv i sory Boa rd and Wa r r en Memor i a l Boys' Club). Ther e are 19 pub lic pr oj e ctssix schools and 13 rec r e a t i ona l pr oj e cts :
Price - The r e a r e t wenty pr ojects, fou r priva te. They are Emaus Ne i ghbor hood
Serv ice Center , Be thl ehem Center and Grady Homes Girls' Club (Carve r Unit).
There are 16 city -- seven schools and nine rec reationa l activiti es.
Pit ts bu rgh - In the Pi ttsburgh area , th ere are f ive s epara t e act ivi t ies , one
being pr i va t e (Neighb orhood Servic e Center), four by city - one s chool and
three re creati on centers.
South Ful ton - There are six pr oj e c ts , f ive private ly spons ored and one pub l i c .
The private are t wo Neighborhood Service Centers , Coll ege Park Civi c Club ,
South Fu l t on Boys ' Cl ub, and Tr i - City Girls ' Club. The pub lic proj ec t recreation
program i s spons ored by t he City of East Point.
North Fulton - There are two activities, one private and one public. The private
is Neighborhood Service Center and the publ ic is by t he City of Roswe l l.
Rockdale County Area~ One activity s ponsor ed by the Rockdale Neighborhood
Service Center.


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