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Public Spronsored Projects

The publicly-sponsored projects consist of 62 schools (50 elementary
schools and 12 high schools), which will be open twelve hours daily and six days
each week, concentrating on basic education and educational programs.

It is estimated that approximately 30,000 children and youths will be
involved in various types of remedial, advanced and special educational programs,
including formal summer school.

Upwards of 50,000 disadvantaged children and. youths will participate
in the 255 recreational programs.

The Atlanta Public Library is also increasing its program activities.
Program Activities Planned
I. Public Agencies

(a) City of Atlanta Parks, Recreation and Schools
(1) Parks, Playgrounds and Playlots - 31,000;
(2) School Centers - 11,000;
(3) Swimming (Recreational) - 15,800;
(4) Evening Dances - 800;
(5) Trips and Excursions - 15,300;
' (6) Athletics - 20,000

(b) Other Cities and Counties
(1) East Point;
(2) Roswell;
(3) Rockdale;
(4) College Park

II, Private Non-Profit Organizations

(a) General recreation program - 24,585;
(b). Swimming (recreational) - 6,950;

(c) Trips and Excursions - 650;

(d) Teen Program (evening) - 10,000;

(e) Cultural and Arts Programs - 6,060;
(£) Game rooms (day) - 10,000;

(g) Record Hops and dances - 10,000;

(h) Day camps and resident camps - 1,608;
(i) Resident camps for teens - 300;

(j) Small group recreational activities - 312;
(k) Informal educational activities - 200;
(1) Community Improvement - 90

III. Neighborhood Service Centers, Citizens Groups, etc.

(a) Coupled recreation, work etc. program - 33,870;
(b) Swimming instruction - 50;

(c) Trips - 1,000;

(d) Community Improvement - 7,400;

(e) Dancing - 400;

(f) Tutorials - 291;

(g) Arts and Crafts - 1300

IV. Special Recreation Programs Relating to All Groups (Participation Events Only)

(a) Dance Mobile, WAOK -- 10,000;
(b) Bookmobile -- 10,000;

(c) . Junior Olympics -- 200;

(d) - City-wide track

Recreation Committee

A sub-committee on recreation is now in operation. Mr. Henry Helton is



There is a total of 184 projects concentrated in these twelve
poverty areas.

In addition to these 184, there are fourteen agencies offering
services in some or all of the area. These are the Atlanta Singers, the
Urban League, Academy Theater, the School of Ballet, the Emory University
Story-Telling Project, Actors' Workshop, the Girl Scouts, the Ruth Mitchell
Dance, Theater - Atlanta, WAOK Jr. D.J. Project, the Fun Bowl, Butler Street
YMCA. This means that if at least one program activity is operated in the
ten target areas weekly, it will give each area fourteen additional programs.

A. Approximately 40,000 Youth Opportunity Campaign pre-job registration
forms were sent to schools, neighborhood service centers, social
_agencies and churches.

From these job applications, approximately 6,000 jobs. will be filled.

The following agencies, projects and/or organizations will furnish jobs:

National Alliance of Businessmen 3,300.
The Summer Recreation Proposals 1,000
The Federal Agencies . 700
The State Agencies ?
The Subsidized Jobs (Neighborhood Youth

Corps, Vocational Education, Title I, Etc.) 600
Miscellaneous Placement - Youth Opportunity

Campaign 500
Total Committed 6,100

The Youth Employment Center, Georgia State Employment Service, will be
responsible for screening, counseling, and placement in the youth employment
phase of this program.

The Atlanta Transit System has been approached about assisting in the
transportation of youths to jobs,

As a part of its work, the Youth Opportunity Program Staff will follow
up on youths placed in this program and help them

(1) Fine part-time jobs after the summer is over;

(2) Obtain placement in appropriate work experience and/or training
programs such as the Neighborhood Youth Corps, Manpower Development
and Training Act, Job Corps, JOBS, New Careers, etc.;

(3) Return to regular, vocational or other special schools.

Several agencies and organizations will be giving assistance to the youth
employment aspect of the Youth Opportunity Program, These include the
National Alliance of Businessmen, all Federal Agencies, Economic Opportunity
Atlanta, the Atlanta Board of Education, United Appeal Agencies, the City

of Atlanta, the Merit Employment Association, various trade associations,
and the Georgia State Employment Services (Youth Employment Center).

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