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A key to succ ess of the entire youth opportunity program will be the number
of volunteers recruit e d. The manpower needed to carry out the many activi-ties in this pro gram is too numerous to be obtained from the limited funds
available. Effort will be made to recruit, train and place a total of 500
full: iujd part time volunteers.
These volunteers will serve in a variety of ways: Camp counselors, employ- .
ment interviewers, game room supervisors, gym instructors, coaches, tµtors,
bus supervisors, homemake teachers, arts and crafts instructors, and hundreds
of other types of l eaders.
Recruitment of volunteers will be prima rily through public media, speaking
engagements, brochures, and flyers. A full page ad will be placed in the
three major n ews papers. The Federal Government, Labor Unions, several trade
associatiops, professional organizations, churches, and religious groups
will be solicited for volunteer services. The Federal agencies are asking
all of its 27,000 volunteers to work in this program.
Training of the volunteers will be don e by VISTA, the American Red Cross,
and the us er agencies.
Plac ements
A special volunte er placement connnittee is presently at work and will ptace
the volunteers .
Spe cial Even ts
An import ant part of the Youth Opportunity Program will be special events .
Severa l special events will be planned and implemented by the individual agencies
and organi zations . The Sch ool and Recreation Department are now planning sp ec ial
events such as J r. Olympics, Field Days, Chattanooga-At lanta Games and other
similar events.
In addition, arrangements are being made to obtain tickets and admission to
movies, theaters , athletic events, and cultural activiti es. Bus ,·~-_p lane, train
. ,.,
- 8=
�and boat trips are b~ing arrang e d . Picnics, outings, and special sight - seeing
tours are be ing arranged. The Special Events Sub-Committee is being chaired by
Mr. st·eve Fox .
One of the most crucial and critical problems to be solved in the youth Opportunity
program is transportation. Ninety-five per cent of all the proposals submitted requires
transport~tion. The pr e s ent plan is to centralize all transportation and dispatch by
request and re gular routing . The buses will be obtaine d from the following sources:
The Atlanta Transit Company
The/ Third Army and Other Military .
The Fulton County Schools
The DeKalb County Schools
Fri ate owners of buse s us ed by the Counties
Chu ch owned buses
Th~ Greyhound Bus
Th Trailways Bus
Th Continental Trailways Bus
Th'e major Rail Companies
State National Guard
An estimate of the transportation needs is illustrate d by the requests made in submitted projects. An estimated $158,000 is needed to provide th e need e d transportation
Resident Camps
Day Camps
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